Simming With Sweetnightingale

SimLit by Sweetnightingale

Lenora’s Bachelorette Challenge

Welcome to Lenora’s Bachelorette Challenge! In this section, Lenora’s backstory will be told and what happened in her life before the actual start of Forever in Time began. The Prologue parts will be Lenora’s life up to when she appeared on “Soulmates,” a reality TV dating show where a bachelor or bachelorette hopes to find his or her true soulmate. Her bachelorette Challenge begins after the Prologue parts.

You can navigate to each chapter by clicking the links below.

Prologue, Part 1 Growing Up With Grandda

Prlogue, Part 2, A Locked Door is a Mighty Weapon

Prologue, Part 3, Love Comes Knocking

Prologue, Part 4, When I Had it All

Prologue, Part 5, A Time to Celebrate, a Time to Die

Prologue, Part 6, My Son, the Angel

Prologue, Part 7, A Fateful Decision

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