It was time to conduct the first one-on-one dates. It felt like a job interview with me running the interview. According to the itinerary, I was to just chat with the gentlemen and see how it went.


Adam was first in line, and it was plain to see he had ghosts on the brain. Now, I’ve experienced way too much death in my lifetime, so that theme wasn’t something I cared to discuss, especially now. As smoothly as I could, I brought the subject around to food.


Adam went with the change, and we had a very nice conversation.


Next was Elgon. I could sense this wasn’t easy for him to do. My empathic senses told me there was lingering sorrow in his life, and my heart went out to him. He was a quiet man who seemed to be misunderstood by people who didn’t know him. He was a sweet man, and I did my best to engage him in conversation.


At first, we talked about a little of this and a bit of that. Then, we had a very pleasant conversation about electronics. It took a little while to get to know Elgon a bit, but once I did, I found I liked him very much.


Hipster Aaron wanted to talk about the weather.


As we talked about the rain, the song “If You Like Pina Coladas” started bouncing around in my head. I don’t care for getting caught in the rain, but the way Hipster Aaron was talking, it sounded like he’d like a nice snuggle session inside on a stormy day.


Gentian and I talked about movies.


Our conversation got better and better. Gentian is a very sweet man, and I really like him. I have a feeling he’s not had much luck with the ladies due to his unique looks. The seed he planted in my heart the previous night is germinating.


Then, it was Tyrone’s turn.


We didn’t chat for very long, but it was a pleasant conversation anyway. We didn’t chat about anything in particular. I got the sense he was distracted due to the full moon that was to happen tomorrow night. I’d seen Amadeus wolf out a number of times, and I gathered it’s not exactly an altogether pleasant sensation to transform. Amadeus once told me there was some pain involved, especially when a wolf is younger and still growing accustomed to it. I sensed Tyrone was comfortable being who and what he was, but I got the sense he was a bit apprehensive because he didn’t want to scare anybody here.

Even so, I enjoyed our talk, and I could tell he was a very caring and considerate person.


I can imagine it’s hard for the general public to fathom just how long all this takes and how much energy is expended when going on for so long. My bed was calling my name by the time I was to speak to Korey. We started talking about food.


It was the entire topic of our conversation, which I enjoyed. I imagine he’s probably had some very exotic foods from all the different places he’s traveled to. I’m interested in hearing more.


I decided to call it a night, as it was getting pretty late. First thing the next morning, I picked up where I left off the night before and asked Marcus to join me. Marcus began the conversation about constellations, which I told him there are plenty of good books to read on the subject.


Marcus tried to flirt with me, but…


I felt it was best to keep things on a friendlier level for now. We talked more about books.


Then, we talked about artwork and music, which went very well.


Then, I talked about broom riding with him…


…which also seemed to go well.


But then…


Well, I am a witch and am not sorry or ashamed of it.


We returned to safer subjects; books and constellations. It went a lot better after that. Marcus is a very interesting Genie. I definitely wouldn’t mind having a magic lamp with him inside.


Torrence was next.


And there is no denying there is chemistry.


We talked about the rain…


And birthdays.


I liked Torrence very much, and I am quite attracted to him. I didn’t need empathic senses to know the feeling was mutual.


If it’s one thing I hate, it’s when a guy expects a woman to be dumber than Hannibal’s ox. I wanted to find out how Terrill felt about smart women. I’ve always been a pretty bright light bulb, and some guys are turned off by that.


But, Terrill was great about it. In fact, we had a wonderfully intellectual conversation about science and computers. My only regret is that he didn’t want to talk longer. He was another one who had lingering sorrow within his being, which made my own heart squeeze. I know how it feels to lose someone you love so devotedly.


Eabrizio wanted to talk about plants.


And then, he talked about his homeland, Monte Vista. I told him from what I saw of it, it was a beautiful place and I’d be interested in seeing more. I could tell this thrilled him, and I sensed he’d like to be the one to show me the sites, among other things.


The official first dates were done, but Adam came back for another chat. However, I think he had more than chatting on his mind.


And he asked me about magic.


The hen hunting began anew.


Tyrone came to find me, and it didn’t take him long to put on the moves. He asked for my phone number, and we started flirting. My heart did somersaults every time he looked at me.


I could get lost in his eyes forever.


And if that wasn’t enough, the man started massaging my back.


I might have magic hands, but Tyrone has magic fingers out the wazoo. Goosebumps erupted where he touched me, and tingles constantly ran down my spine.

As the day wore on, the time for the first elimination drew nearer. I sat down to make some notes and think.


But then, things got a bit crazy due to the full moon. Tyrone had no choice but to release the wolf, which made for some interesting moments.

(Sorry, I didn’t get the shot of Tyrone transforming, but you can see some funny moments in the video for this part on my Youtube Channel.)

The time of reckoning was now upon me, and I had to make my decision.


Tyrone was in the lead at 29.35625


Adam was a close second at 28.1125


Terrill was at 20.825


Torrence was at 18.34375


Hipster Aaron was at 15.2625


Eabrizio was at 11.935


Korey was at 11.45312


Gentian was at 6.45625


Marcus was at 5.107498


Elgon was at 4.175


Regretfully, it was time to say goodbye to Elgon.

Author’s Note – Elgon’s score was so low because he spent most of his time with his cell phone instead of spending time with Lenora. It’s definitely tough for a loner in a challenge like this. I, personally, will miss Elgon.

As you will see in the video, the game would not let me officially move Elgon out. The game is designed to hold eight Sims, so I will have to officially move the guys out when I can narrow the household down to eight Sims. Elgon will be in the house until the next two eliminations, but just be aware he is officially out of the running.

At the time when this was originally written up on the Blogger blog and played on my YouTube Channel, I didn’t know about the “Add Sim” feature in Master Controller to move them out that way.