Author’s Note:  I was hoping to do hot tub dates today, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. So, Plan B will be one friendly interaction and two romantic ones with each guy. Then, we’d just let them go on their own until they’d break it up themselves.

Today’s dates were to be romantic in nature but were supposed to go a little longer than the first. I was to get friendly with each gentleman and do some flirty activities to see where it would go.


First, there was Tyrone.


He hugged me, and I melted into his arms.


As we flirted, my heart began to accelerate. I couldn’t deny the attraction and chemistry between Tyrone and me.


Then, he massaged my back, and once again, goosebumps traveled over my skin where he touched me.


Next was Adam.


When he hugged me, I felt warm and safe in his big, strong arms. He surrounded me, yet he held me so tenderly as though I were the Hope Diamond.


A little more flirting…


And another hug. Adam was a handsome man who any girl would be lucky to have. I still don’t know how things will work out, but if it’s not meant for him and me, I truly want him to find someone he can love fully with that big heart of his and who will love him in return just as much.


Then there was Torrence.


Torrence’s hug was a tight, firm one, which I returned in equal measure. He was a handsome man who talked like an angel but could kiss like the devil. He was always wanting to be romantic with me, which I didn’t mind at all.


We did a little more flirting, which we both enjoyed.


Korey was next.


His hug was a soft, fun-loving one that spoke of promises of good times. Life would be very entertaining with Korey, and there would always be a twist. There’s nothing wrong with livening things up.


We did a bit more flirting, and as always, I found Korey to be a very fascinating person. There would never be a dull moment with this amazing man.


Last but definitely not least was Terrill.


His hug told me he was no stranger to how it feels to love a woman. I picked up the lingering remnants of the sadness that was always part of him. My heart went out to him because I knew how it felt to love someone so much and then lose them. This man has such a capacity for love that any woman would feel cherished in his presence.


We did a bit more flirting, which went very well.

It was now time for another elimination, and I had a lot to consider.


Tyrone remains the Alpha Wolf at 97.19994


Adam is a close second at 82.87498


Torrence is in third at 63,34372


Terrill is in fourth at 61.72498


Korey is in fifth at 55.62812


Sadly, we will have to say goodbye to Korey. I will miss his fun-loving and lively nature.

(Sorry. I missed the shot of him coming out the door so I had to use this one.)


These eliminations were getting harder and harder. I was feeling rather bad after Korey left, so I decided to let off some steam with the guitar. It didn’t take long for the guys to come and watch.


Who can resist music? I certainly can’t, and it looked like Tyrone and Terrill felt the same.

It was off to bed so I could be ready for another day’s events. Things were to really start heating up now, as it was time for me to kiss each gentleman and see where things stood. As a very famous song once said, “It’s in His Kiss,” and I figured I’d be finding out how true that would be.


Tyrone was first. When his lips met mine, I got a repeat performance of the greatest symphony I’d ever heard as well as the accompanying Ground Zero bombs. Tyrone’s kiss was tantalizing, yet it was exquisite and felt right.


Adam was next. For an instant, he hesitated. He’d never tried to kiss me before, but we’d spent a lot of time together. However, the hesitancy lasted only a split second, and he got right into it. Kissing Adam was like kissing an angel. His lips were gentle and warm, but yet I knew he could be passionate when needed.


Torrence was next. I’d kissed him before and knew just how sizzling his kisses were. As I’d said before, he talked like an angel but could kiss like the devil, and that was exactly what he did. I was breathless when he was done and feeling a little dazed.


Then, it was Terrill’s turn. Like Adam, he held back, and I wondered if he was thinking about his lost wife. However, it didn’t take him long to get into it, and his kiss was very loving. If it worked out for us, I knew we could make sweet music together.

It was time for another elimination, which I always hated to do.


Tyrone continues his lead at 100.


Adam remains in second at 85.52498


Terrill slides into third at 68.46247


Torrence is in fourth at 67.84372


With a very heavy heart, it was time to say goodbye to Torrence.


A little piece of my heart went out that door with Torrence. It broke my heart to see the disappointed, and sometimes devastated, looks on these men’s faces when it was their time to leave. I’d grown to care deeply for every one of them. Each elimination was more brutal than the last, and sometimes I wondered if I’d be able to hold out to the end. Once again, I headed straight to the guitar to play out some of my sorrow.


Afterward, Tyrone offered to give me a backrub, which I accepted gratefully. I knew they’re all in it to win it, but Tyrone seemed to be extra sensitive to my emotions and was always there to try to make me feel better.

Author’s Note: After each kissing date, I let them do whatever they wanted to do on free will. There was a bit more flirting that went on, which you’ll see in the accompanying video. I believe Terrill slid into third place because he gave Lenora a massage, which greatly increases the relationship meter quite quickly.

For the kisses, Adam and Terrill got Heat of the Moment Kisses since they weren’t romantic interests at that time. Tyrone and Torrence had already kissed her so they had the regular “Kiss” interaction under the Romantic menu.

I am sad to see both Korey and Torrence leave. Korey added so much fun to the challenge, and Torrence was awesome to play with. Thank you, ladies, for submitting your awesome Sims (Torrence and Korey) for this challenge.