Author’s Note – The guys were brought in using Master Controller due to the fact I had more than 7 Sims. This first part is just a meet & greet. I did not direct any of them to do anything, so all the Sims acted according to free will.


The day finally arrived when we were to begin filming for the very first season of “Soulmates.” The Sim City Production Co. wanted me to arrive a while before the gentlemen were due to come so I could review the schedule of events and be briefed on what to expect. It was going to be very different than my first appearance on TV since I would be the bachelorette and not a contestant. I kissed and hugged my son and future daughter-in-law the morning of my departure, and they both wished me luck and lots of love. Mathilda couldn’t be there to see me off in person due to business with the Witches’ Council, but she called to tell me she loved me.


Once I arrived, I got right to work. I read through the itinerary and felt my face heat up when I read I was to take the winner to bed. Now, I’m not that kind of woman to take just anyone to bed. I have to be in love with someone before I’m comfortable engaging in that kind of activity. Well, I’d just have to cross that bridge when I got there. There was still a lot to experience and do before I had to worry about that.

As I read through the schedule, my thoughts turned to Linc. He was one of a kind, and I didn’t think anyone would ever measure up to him. Still, I was curious about what the men would be like. I had pictures and bios for all of them, and it was clear to see they all were from different walks of life. Most were humans, but there was also a Werewolf, an Imaginary Friend, a Genie, and a Plant Sim. I’d told Mathilda I had this feeling that I was supposed to be here and that this would somehow change my life forever. I didn’t know if I’d find true love here, but I was optimistic that something magical would happen.

According to the day’s events, everyone was supposed to arrive and just settle in. I was to greet and welcome them as they came in the door and just mingle and get to know each other.


The first to arrive was Adam Moore, who was built like a mountain. He’s a Brave and Eccentric man, who seems to have a bit of a soft side as any Hopeless Romantic does. According to his bio, he considers himself to be Handy and a Savvy Sculptor. I definitely have a lot of respect for a person who knows a bit about several different areas of interest.


Next was Elgon Solo. According to his bio, he’s a Hydrophobic Loner, so I was sure he hadn’t had an easy time of it in life. He’s also a NeatHandy Computer Whiz. I was certain he’d be harder to get to know than some of the other gentlemen, but I felt ready for the challenge.


 I did a double take when the next gentleman walked through the door. That man had Amadeus Landgraab written all over him, and I knew him to be his son, Tyrone. Tyrone is a Friendly Werewolf who considers himself to be quite Flirty. He’s Family-Oriented and Loves the Outdoors, and I could tell by the way he dressed and carried himself that he conducts himself like a Proper gentleman.


The next Lucky gentleman is a cool cat who calls himself Hipster Aaron Hart. I could tell he considers himself an easy rider because he’s a Couch Potato who admits he’ll Mooch anything he can get. He is a Light Sleeper who also Loves the Outdoors.


Gentian Moore was next. I’d heard about Plant Sims but have never met one in person. I could see why he is Irresistible. Being who he is, it’s obvious he has a Green Thumb. I could also tell he has a lot of Good qualities, and he’s also Athletic and a Workaholic.


The next handsome gentleman to walk through the door was Korey Bedford. I could tell he’s Neat and Charismatic by the way he dresses and carries himself. He considers himself to be Adventurous and Flirty with a Good Sense of Humor.


The Athletic Genie that entered was Marcus Ralston. He is a Disciplined Angler who Loves the Outdoors. Being a Genie, it would stand to reason that he’d be a Supernatural Fan. He had the coolest blue hair, and I really liked his uniqueness.


Torrence Ralston soon followed, and I figured he must be some relation to Marcus because of the same surname. He admits to being Clumsy and Overemotional, but I think everyone can relate to that at some point in their life. He’s a Friendly Perfectionist who admits to being Inappropriate at times.


Another handsome gentleman to come in was Terrill Maldonado. This Friendly Virtuoso says he loves being Flirty and is a self-proclaimed Great Kisser. I’m certain before all this is said and done, I’ll find out for myself. I could see by his build that he is quite Athletic.


Last, but certainly not least, was Eabrizio Scarpelli. This Clumsy Diva is ExcitableFlirty, and he Loves the Outdoors. I could imagine he might be high maintenance at times, but he seems like he’ll bring  a lot of fun, laughter, and life to this place.


It didn’t take long for Tyrone and I to start talking, and I began the conversation with talk about books.


Then, Adam got my attention with talk about sunshine.


It didn’t take long for some of the others to want my attention. I guess when you’re the only hen among an entire coup of roosters, you get a lot of attention.


Tyrone followed me into the dining room where we flirted a little. However, Adam didn’t let me out of his sight for very long.


It was clear that the sauna room was going to be a popular gathering place. Adam seemed to want some quiet reading time while Hipster Aaron wanted to flirt. I mentioned I’m a romance writer. Meanwhile, Tyrone wanted to talk politics.


I guess that gave Hipster Aaron the hungries because he wanted to mooch some food.


Then, Korey wanted to talk about cars. Cars are great, of course, but I prefer the good ol’ broomstick. I’m a witch, after all.


It was starting to get a little steamy in there, so I headed to the kitchen for a cold drink. However, Tyrone followed me, and I discovered there are more ways to cook in a kitchen. Tyrone and I had a nice little flirting session.


I was pooped by the time I was able to finally retire for the night. After a good night’s sleep, I woke up feeling refreshed. Tyrone found me first thing and asked me if I’d like to see a symphony sometime. “That sounds wonderful,” I said. We then continued to discuss music, which went very well.


Eabrizio came to find me next, and he was curious about magic.


Then, Gentian planted his own seed in my heart.


Hipster Aaron cut in and figured it was time to try mooching some food. I shrugged and gave him some. One would think he’d notice there’s perfectly good food on the buffet tables. To each his own, I reckon.


It was clear these guys had one thing on the brain and that was competing for my attention. I was used to fans buzzing about and signing autographs, but being the only lady in a proverbial fraternity house was very different.

I knew I was going to have to find some time to dress and conduct the first one-on-one dates later in the day. The first elimination was coming up, and I definitely wasn’t looking forward to it. Each one of these gentlemen were special in their own way, and disappointing someone wasn’t something I relished.