The next thing on the schedule was to have a chess date with each of the gentlemen. However, there was just something I had to do first.


I figured Tyrone might be a little achy after wolfing out the night before, so I offered to give him a massage, which he accepted gratefully. There was no harm in returning the favor. After all, he gave me a lovely massage the day before.

But the business of the day was at hand, and I needed to get started. I decided to go in random order for the chess dates.















I had to call it a night. It takes a long time to play a good game of chess with seven gentlemen, and I was feeling quite bushed. I’d taken an Invigorating Elixir, but I finally had to pack it in. The last two dates were conducted the next morning.




Hipster Aaron

Once again, I needed to take some time and reflect on the upcoming elimination. Someone else had to go today, and again, it would not be an easy decision.


Tyrone remains in the lead at 46.08125


Torrence takes over second place at 39.6


Adam slips into third place at 34.3625


Terril is in fourth place at 31.45


Korey is in fifth place at 29.04687


Eabrizio is in sixth place at 16.6375


Hipster Aaron is in seventh place at 16.5125


Gentian is in eight place at 16.29375


Marcus is in last place at 7.357498


his means we will be saying goodbye to Marcus.

Author’s Note – Not much exciting happened in this part. I coordinated the blog posts with the video series, and because there were so many Sims to play chess with, that took up a lot of time both in Sim time and real/video time. More excitement is on the way, I assure you. With that said, the scores did quite a bit of changing, which can happen very easily during a challenge like this.

Personally, I will miss Marcus. He was a very cool Genie, and I had fun playing with him. He had such a low score because the relationship with Lenora took a couple of hits during the chess game and at other times.