Hello to all my fellow Simmers, readers, and viewers,

it’s only been a couple weeks since I regaled you all with my mega update, but I decided it was time to give you a progress report on the transfer of Forever in Time and share some thoughts with you.

I’m quite pleased with how the transfer is going. As I said in my previous update, I am revising as needed while making the transfer. This, too, is going well. Yes, it’s a lot of work and very time consuming, but I believe it will be worth it in the end. I do hope you all are enjoying the story so far. There is much more to come, so please don’t go anywhere.

This next part will contain a couple minor spoilers, but I don’t think I’ll be giving away too much. I had a bit of an epiphany during the many hours I’ve spent so far transferring and revising. The whole premise of this story is that Lenora has a special mission to undertake and make sure her descendants continue, which involves saving the multiverse from losing all magic and creativity. I won’t go into how it came about or the ends and outs because I want you all to read that for yourselves. I will just say that unless unless things change, the world, possibly the multiverse, is in real trouble of collapsing. Lenora was to start the mission herself and if successful in her part, she and Tyrone would achieve immortality. Then, they had to make sure each generation after that did their part.

Now, here’s the thing…

I didn’t count on Lenora and Tyrone having multiple babies during one pregnancy. Nor did I count on Landon (Lenora’s son) and his wife, Crystal, to also have multiples. However, it happened and I’ve got a large cast of characters to deal with. This means that there are plenty of family to do their part to contribute to the mission. I’d say it’s taken off like gangbusters.

My original goal was to have ten immortal generations (each generation would achieve immortality if they did their part). But then, I got to thinking that how I started out wasn’t your typical legacy (Lenora already had a life with her first husband and made her fortune by the time Forever in Time began with her wedding to Tyrone) and barring an unfortunate accident, none of the generations would die.

Sooo…this got me to thinking about a format change.

The main premise will remain, but I’m nixing the legacy type format. Like I said, I’ve already got a large cast of characters who can easily do their part of the mission. When I was strictly focusing on the heir (you will definitely see that with Aurora), the other siblings often fall through the cracks. Plus, there is still Landon and Crystal along with their kids, plus Tyrone’s parents and two sisters we need to get to know. Oh, and let us not forget about our beloved Liam and Mathilda.

Here’s the conclusion I’ve come up with. I think it’s rather unique (I don’t think I’ve ever really seen it in a Sims story), and I hope you all like it. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on it. So, let me explain.

Although there will definitely be babies born, but instead of “passing a torch,” so to speak, I’m moving from a legacy format to a sort of soap opera thing. This means that each chapter (or several chapters depending on plot and such) will focus on a specific family member. for example, in Chapter 56, we may see mostly Lenora and Tyrone. Then, Chapter 57 picks up with Liam and Mathilda. Chapter 58 might be looking in on Crystal and Landon to see what story they have to tell. I think you get the idea.

because there is such a large cast of characters already (I’m not at the point in the transfer where everyone is grown quite yet), I will be making a Character Guide or a  Who’s Who page to (hopefully) lessen any confusion there may be. These mini-stories may include one shots, stories that need to be told in several chapters when there is a big plot development, and vignettes. Things we will be exploring are family values, what it’s like to be an immortal supernatural among humans, things they contribute to the mission, plot twists, relationships, and so forth. This will be an ongoing, indefinite thing, that is, unless I decide way down the road that it’s time for an ending.

As I am still doing the transfer and since I’m still at the point where all the kids are still little, I’ll still be working on that. However, I want to interject some new material in between the chapters being transferred so we can get to know such characters as Tyrone’s parents and sisters as well as feature Liam and Mathilda, and Landon and Crystal more. You may also see characters from my other stories pop up every now and again. Stranger things have happened, after all.

I tend to get a little long-winded in my explanations, so I hope this made sense. As I said, I’d love to hear what you all think.

Take Care and have a SimTastic day! 🙂

Sharon, aka Sweetnightingale