WARNIN!!! Some rough language in this chapter.


Lenora and Tyrone stayed in the future about a week and a half. Since the babies were left in the care of Mathilda and Erica, Lenora and Tyrone had time for other activities. Tyrone regularly went hunting and brought back things to help Lenora with her Alchemy elixirs. His senses were extremely acute, and being an Alpha Wolf made his hunts that much more successful. He was a young, virile werewolf at the top of his game; a force to be reckoned with.


When they discovered holodiscs, Lenora was totally overcome by the cuteness factor. When the little creature emerged from the disc and started giggling at her, Lenora burst out laughing and grinned like a kid celebrating ten birthdays at once. “Oh my! Aren’t you just the most adorable thing ever?” She spent hours talking to the glowing little creature, playing with him, and giggling when he did. When he cried because his mood was low, it tugged at her heart. “Aww now, it’s all right, little one. I’ll fix ye right up.” In a way, it made her miss her babies and taking care of them.


The day came when the couple felt it was time to return to the past. They both had a good grasp on the laser rhythm-a-con and had purchased quite a few things to take back with them, including books. Right away, Lenora knew she needed to do something about her hair so it wouldn’t continue to get in the way when she was caring for her babies.


Lenora and Tyrone went to the nursery straight away to hold their babies. They’d missed them terribly, and Lenora didn’t want to let them go once she got them back in her arms. However, her maternity leave came to an end, and the job called. Right after work, the couple would spend quality time with their children. Mathilda and Erica were still helping out regularly, which was a godsend, and family members were always sending things over for the babies.

The months flew by, and it was time for the quads’ birthday. All the family was invited over and were ready to party. The house was filled with laughter, fun, and cake.










Lenora was a very busy mother of quadruplets, but she still took her time traveling responsibilities very seriously. Mathilda had set up several food synthesizers in the duplex, two on each side because of the ever growing family, and Lenora knew it was her job to program them. Mathilda showed her how it worked, and while in Oasis Landing, she’d gotten the hang of pushing buttons and running her fingers over the smooth console. When she had a spare moment, she programmed each synthesizer with all the recipes and saw to it that they produced the best food possible. As much as she loved to cook the old-fashioned way, she was glad that such a gadget was at her disposal. There would be times when she’d need to get a meal up in a hurry, and cooking would take too long. Besides, it was something the children would be able to use fairly easily without the risk of fire.


Lenora threw herself into teaching the babies how to walk, talk, and use the potty. It brought back memories of doing all this with Landon and how quickly he learned. Naturally, there were stumbling blocks along the way, but the children were learning pretty quickly.


Tyrone was very much a hands-on dad. He loved all his children equally, and each had their own unique personalities. Jonas was very affectionate and always smiling, much like Tyrone’s mother and twin sister, Theresa. Tyrone suspected that, much as Landon had, Jonas inherited his mother’s empathic nature. if his brother or sister fell or if he saw a scratch or bruise on someone, he’d say, “Owie,” and gently kiss it.

Andrea hardly ever cried. It was clear to Tyrone that she would be the strong and stoic type, much like her Grandpa Amadeus. She loved to climb on things and always wanted to wrestle with her siblings.

Chris was the biggest eater of the four. He ate anything that was put in front of him with gusto. Chris did all of his activities with great concentration, was very inquisitive, and always wanted to try something new. Tyrone suspected that Chris would constantly be looking for a new adventure.


Aurora was Tyrone’s princess. In so many way, she reminded him so much of his Lenora. She was sweet and happy, and her giggles and smiles always lifted his spirits. She, too, had an empathic nature and like Lenora, would probably be a complete romantic. She loved her long, frilly dresses and having her hair brushed.


Potty training was the nastiest job, but Tyrone helped out without batting an eyelash. He loved spending this time with his children and seeing the innocence they looked at the world with. He knew they wouldn’t stay little like this for long, so he cherished each day to the max.


Meanwhile, Landon was very attentive to his pregnant wife and unborn child. “Hello, sweetheart. It’s Daddy,” he said to Crystal’s belly one day.

“He’s kicking up a storm,” Crystal grinned. “I swear this kid was conceived knowing Tai Kwando.”

Landon laughed. “Maybe so, but if not, I’ll teach him.” The young couple was convinced they were having a boy.


One day, Tyrone and Crystal were discussing their relationship. “We hit it off right away, and I can’t thank you and Lenora enough for how you both have been there. You and Lenora are such a great couple, and you love each other so much. I’m so thankful I have that with Landon.”

“We’ll always be there for you, Crystal,” Tyrone said. “You’re one of the Pack, even though you’re a fairy.” He grinned at her and gently touched one of her wings.

She laughed. “We sure do have an interesting household; a witch, a wizard, a wolf, a fairy, and now with the babies, there are two more wolves and another witch and wizard. I wonder what mine will be.”

Tyrone smiled and patted Crystal’s shoulder. “Whatever it is, it’ll be a beautiful baby.”

“I’m scared, Tyrone. It’s criminal. I shouldn’t be someone’s mother.” Crystal started to cry, and Tyrone pulled her into his arms for a tight hug.

“You’ll make a fine mother, Crystal,” Tyrone said.

“I’m not a nice person. I’m a bitch, and I shouldn’t be someone’s mother.” She was wailing now.

“Here now.” Tyrone took out a hankie and dried her tears like he would have done for his own daughters. “It’s just the hormones talking. You’re one of the nicest people ever. Far from a bitch, in fact, and you’ll be an awesome mom. Give us a smile now. I want my dancing fairy back.”

Crystal gave a watery grin and then laughed through her tears. “I’m too big to dance at the moment. I feel like a moose.”

He chuckled. “I assure you, no moose has ever been prettier. Now, can I have a look at that little one?”

She grinned as Tyrone felt her stomach. Then, he got the strangest look on his face, and Crystal narrowed her eyes at him in concern. “What?” Her blood turned to ice. “Is something wrong with my baby?” She never argued with Tyrone’s instincts, as she knew they were always right on.

“Nothing’s wrong, but Crystal, there’s more than one in there,” Tyrone said.

“Wh…what?” she asked, eyes widening.

“There’s more than one. I can detect at least three.”

“Holy llama shit!” Crystal shrieked. “You can’t be serious!”

“I’m very serious,” Tyrone said.


“Only nature knows,’ Tyrone said, smiling.

“There has to be something in the water! First Lenora, now me. What the hell are we going to do?”

“You’ll do the same thing Lenora and I did,” Tyrone said calmly. “You’ll get at least three of everything, you’ll go crazy at times, but you’ll have a ball.”

“Heaven help us! Heaven help us all,” Crystal said, gulping.


While the four adults were working with the babies one night, Crystal went into labor. Landon started to freak out, but Crystal wasn’t having any of it. She screamed as though the holy temple was crumbling around her. “Landon Atherton, if you don’t man the fuck up and get me to the hospital, I’m going to castrate you very, very slowly. Then, you’ll never be able to do this to me again!”

“She means it too, boyo,” Lenora said, trying to smother a grin.

Landon gulped audibly and came over to put his arm around his wife’s waist. His complexion was pasty, his eyes wide with shock. “But…what…?”

“Just grab my fucking bag and let’s go, dammit!” Crystal screamed.

Landon got Crystal’s bag while Tyrone unceremoniously swooped Crystal into his arms to carry her to the car. “Just breathe, sweetheart. In and out, that’s good,” Tyrone said soothingly, coaching Crystal through her pain.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck,” Andrea sang as she played with her teddy bear.

“Andrea! That’s naughty,” Lenora scolded.

“Sawwy,” the little girl said, but she was grinning innocently.

“Out of the mouths of babes,” Lenora said, rolling her eyes. They were all going to have to be careful what they said around the wee ones. They picked thins up quickly, way too quickly sometimes.


Like Lenora, Crystal needed to have a Cesarean Section to deliver her babies. Also like Lenora, she and Landon had quads. All four were little boys.


Albus and Cody are fairies.


Blake is a wizard.


Gabriel is also a wizard.


Everyone was taken with the babies, and the new parents were completely in love with all four of their boys. Lenora instantly fell madly in love with being a grandmother. She often sneaked over to the nursery to hold and play with them, clearly spoiling them rotten.

“Who’s Grandma’s sweet boy?” she crooned to each one. “Oh, aren’t ye just the most precious angel.”

Tears often filled her eyes as she looked at the four of them. She was so thankful Landon had returned and could experience the miracle of new life. She had her handsome, smart son back, and now, she had his babies to love and be a grandma to. Life was, indeed, good.

Bonus Shots


Jonas in his walker


Lenora tickling Andrea


Tyrone giving a major big howl while hunting up stuff for Lenora.