With two sets of active quadruplets, life at the Langraab household was incredibly hectic. Both Landon and Crystal switched up their performance schedules so they could spend as much time as possible with their babies. Grandma Lenora and Grandda Tyrone helped as much as they could, both of them spoiling their grandsons rotten, but they had their own quads to see to. Lenora was thankful she now had such a big, close family who were more than willing to help. Mathilda, Liam, Erica, and Amadeus often stopped by, Erica and Mathilda always lending a hand whenever needed. Both Liam and Amadeus treated both sets of quads like the most royal of princes and princesses. Even so, Lenora, Tyrone, Crystal, and Landon often didn’t get as much sleep as they’d always been used to. When they did sleep, they often fell into bed completely exhausted. Seeing to all eight babies was a juggling act of gargantuan proportion.

The day came when Lenora and Tyrone’s quads would be celebrating their sixth birthday. Since the family was so large and very close, Lenora and Tyrone put together a massive birthday party.


Andrea, who is a wolf.


Aurora, who is a witch.


Christopher, who is a wolf.


Jonas, who is a wizard.

The Landgraab quads had a vast curiosity about anything magical. It wasn’t lost on them that their household and family was quite different due to the different supernatural abilities many of them possessed. Lenora frequently told them stories of parallel worlds, magical creatures, and luscious green lands where animals could play without being chased by other animals or getting hurt. Many times, Lenora made them up on the fly during bedtime or “story hour” as she called it. Other times, she would tell them true stories of her life growing up as a witch. The kids loved it. Then, when Lenora magicked an old wardrobe and told the children that if they believed and went inside, magical adventures would await them.

“Really, Ma?” Aurora asked, wide eyed.

“Really, really,” Lenora smiled.

“Maybe I’ll meet a handsome prince,” the little girl, who already had a romantic heart, sighed.

Chris snorted and made gagging noises. “That’s malarkey. Me, I wish Aslan would come.”

“You’re so disgusting, Chris!” Aurora fired back. “No girl will ever be able to stand being around you.” Chris teased her about her romantic tendencies, which always put Aurora’s hackles up.

“It would be cool if we could see Aslan for real,’ Andrea said. “He’s so beautiful.”

“Don’t get any ideas, Andi,” Jonas grinned. “He has too much dignity to let you and Aurora smooch and hug all over him.”

“Don’t call me Andi, pea brain,” Andrea snorted. “And I bet he would. Aslan is kindhearted and gentle.”

“Unless you piss him off, that is,” Chris grinned.

“Ugh! Boys!'” Aurora said, folding her arms across her chest.

“Now, now,” Lenora said, feeling the corners of her mouth twitch into a grin. “I”m sure whatever adventures you have will be wonderful. I want to hear all about them when you come back.”

“Can’t you come, Ma?” Aurora asked.

“Not this time, sweetheart. Perhaps next time,” Lenora said. She didn’t have the heart to tell them she was too old to enter Narnia.


Aurora wasted no time opening the wardrobe door. “Please let me meet a handsome prince,” she said to herself as bright light erupted from the back of the wardrobe. As Tyrone predicted, she was every bit the princess he thought she would be. Her sunny disposition never wavered, she loved dressing up and looking pretty, and her romantic heart was convinced she would find Prince Charming, who would fall in love with her immediately. Aurora took a deep breath and hurled herself into the light. The others followed close behind, not wanting to miss a thing. Just as Lenora said, they had a wonderful adventure in Narnia. In this magical land, they spent twenty years where they grew up and became powerful rulers. However, they felt the pull of home calling to them. Upon their return, they realized that only five minutes had passed, and they were kids again.

Lenora patiently listened to their stories and smiled when they brought back little gifts for her. “We weren’t sure they’d make it back with us, but they did,” Jonas smiled. “We thought you might like them for your potions and stuff.”

“Oh, they’re lovely!” Lenora said, admiring the different gemstones and creatures the kids gave her. “My, but it sounds like you all had a lot of fun.”

“Oh, we did and can’t wait to go back,” Aurora said.

“All in due time. You must let the wardrobe replenish its magic first,” Lenora warned them.

School was delayed due to heavy snowfall, which Lenora didn’t mind. In a way, she wasn’t looking forward to her babies going to school, for it meant they were growing up.

It wasn’t long when Crystal and Landon’s children were due to have their own birthdays. Another big family celebration was planned, which excited the four older kids.


Albus, who is a fairy.


Gabriel, who is a wizard.


Blake, who is a wizard.


Cody, who is a fairy.


Lenora practiced her laser-rhythm-a-con as much as she could. Even with a busy household, there were still other responsibilities she needed to tend to. Sometimes it was overwhelming, but Lenora told herself that it had to be done and she was the woman to do it. There was so much to do and so little time.

Bonus shots


Lenora loving being a grandma.


Jonas taking his turn with the magical wardrobe.