Life at the Landgraab house continued to be actively full. Lenora couldn’t believe how quickly time was flying by. Her wee ones weren’t so wee anymore now that they’d turned six. She was a busy mother but always made time to play with and teach her grandchildren. They wouldn’t be little for much longer, so she wanted to enjoy their toddler years to their fullest while they lasted.

She was so proud of how quickly they learned to talk. They were such smart boys and were even more special to her because their father was the son she thought she’d lost forever. All of them were the best mix of Crystal and Landon, and she found each of them absolutely adorable.


Amadeus, Erica, Liam, and Mathilda made sure all the babies had what they needed and always brought gifts for them. One such gift was playpens, which the boys loved. When they weren’t being cuddled by loving arms, they had a grand time playing and chattering to themselves in the mirror. Lenora and the others were pleased with how the playpens helped with the learning process as well.


Mathilda provided several walkers, which were also a welcome addition. The family enjoyed teaching the boys how to walk, but the walkers helped with motor skills and muscle development in their legs.

“Look at them go!” Crystal laughed one day. Albus and Cody were having the time of their lives as they buzzed around the room.

“It’s a wonder their feet are still touching the ground,” Lenora grinned. “I reckon it’s a good thing they won’t have their true wings until later on.”

“Amen to that. They’re hard enough to corral on the floor, let alone if we had to grab them from the air,” said Crystal. “It’s so cute to see them smiling and giggling. I hope they remain this happy all their lives.”


Soon enough, it was birthday time for Crystal and Landon’s quads. As usual, a big birthday party was planned, and Lenora baked all the birthday cakes. As she baked, her beautiful lilting singing filled the kitchen. Tyrone stayed in the background to listen. He was always in awe when his Lenora sang. Hearing her exquisite voice always made him fall in love with her all over again.










After the party, Lenora melted into Tyrone’s arms and gave a deep, contented sigh. “I love it when you do that,” Tyrone said as he ran his hand down the length of her hair.

“Do what?” she asked.

“When I put my arms around you, you give a happy sigh and get this peaceful smile on your face.” He kissed her still smiling mouth, then guided her head to rest on his shoulder.

“Do I?” she chuckled.

“You do, and I love it,” Tyrone said, leaning his cheek to rest atop her golden head. “Along with that, I always feel this ripple of love through our bond which tells me you’re all mine.”

Lenora smiled and buried her face against him, breathing deeply of his familiar scent. “The heart never lies, my eternal love,” she whispered. “I’m yours forever and will love ye till the end of time.”

“As I will love you for all eternity,” Tyrone said, tightening his hold on her. “Oh, Lenora…” He whispered her name reverently, as if in prayer. “I love you so much it feels like the earth moves underneath me.”

Lenora closed her eyes as the sound of her name on his lips covered her like a soft blanket. “Do ye know how much I adore ye?” she whispered.

“I do, but I never get tired of hearing it,” Tyrone said. “What we have is something most people can only dream of.”

“Yes,” Lenora breathed, heaving another contented sigh. “We have unbreakable love, a lovely family, and an amazing life. Everything I could ever want is right here.”


Tyrone framed his Lenora’s face and gazed softly at her. “This is how I always want you to look,” he said, tenderly tracing her face with his fingers. “You look so beautiful and serene. How grateful I am to be the one to put the wonder of love back in your eyes. It always killed me when I’d see the desolation your eyes held when you were grieving.”

She smiled at him for a long moment then kissed him. “Ye were the only one who could do that. I never thought I’d find happiness again, but ye changed that. There’s always warmth with ye beside me, and I cry no more because of ye.”

“My Lenora…” Tyrone pulled her close, whispering her name into her hair.

“Hold me tight. Always hold me tight,” she said, relaxing into his embrace.

“Always,” he whispered into the silence of the room.


Little did they realize that life, as they knew it, would soon never be the same.