Lenora in bed 1 (Medium)

Lenora Atherton awoke as sunlight poured through her bedroom window. She yawned and stretched lazily, then grinned a Cheshire cat grin. She was getting married today and would soon become Mrs. Lenora Landgraab, wife of Tyrone, the wealthy and sexiest werewolf to ever live.



She felt as though her life had come full circle. She’d lost so much and had grieved a long time, but she’d now gained so much after appearing on a reality TV dating show called Soulmates. Life was often full of twists and turns, and Lenora gladly accepted this particular set.

After returning home to Aurora Skies from doing the show, Tyrone put his bachelor pad on the market and contributed to the cost of construction for the duplex Lenora and Landon were having built. It was perfect for both Lenora and Tyrone as well as Landon and his girlfriend, Crystal. Both couples had a lot of space to fix up to their liking, and the two units were adequately separated to give each couple the privacy they needed.

Lenora and Tyrone didn’t believe in long engagements, and since the television network wanted to televise the wedding, plans for the happy event fell into place at a breakneck speed. Due to Lenora’s wealth and fame as a gifted writer and musician as well as Tyrone’s own wealth and family connections, no expense was being spared. This was going to be the wedding of all millenniums, and anybody who was anybody was going to be there.


Lenora loved to cook and bake, so she decided she wanted to bake the wedding cake herself. Somehow, it relaxed her and kept the ever-present butterflies from fluttering in her stomach so energetically. She and Tyrone would also be singing together at the ceremony. Like his father, Amadeus Mozart Landgraab, Tyrone was also a very skilled and accomplished musician.

A limo came to collect Lenora, Crystal, and Mathilda to take them to Willow Abbey where the wedding was to take place. The limo was something Tyrone and Landon had arranged for the ladies so Lenora could have a little time with them before the ceremony. Tyrone’s parents, Amadeus and Erica, were seeing to their son, and Tyrone’s sisters, Theresa and Valerie, would meet them there later.

As Lenora was preparing for her special day, a knock sounded on the door of the bridal dressing room, making the ladies squeal. “Go away! We’re not decent yet!” Crystal yelled.

“Delivery for Mrs. Lenora Landgraab,” a man’s voice said.

“Jumping the gun a little,” Mathilda said, chuckling.

However, Lenora grinned lopsidedly as she heard her future name spoken. Mathilda stood in front of her to hide her from view while Crystal went to get whatever the man was bringing.

Crystal was grinning soppily as she carried in three dozen red roses with a card attached. “Well now, I wonder who these could be from.”

Lenora buried her face in the roses and inhaled deeply, allowing the sweet scent to permeate her senses. When she took the card from Crystal and started to read, a tear trickled down her cheek. She was glad Mathilda had done a waterproof charm on all their makeup so it wouldn’t run while they cried.

“Read it!” Crystal said as her wings fluttered, making her hover a few inches from the floor.

Grinning soppily herself, Lenora started to read aloud. “Dearest Lenora, On this day when we will forever be joined, know that my heart and love are with you. I’ll be waiting at the altar and smiling as you walk toward me. When I take your hand, I will take it with all the love this universe can hold and more. You are my sun, moon, and stars, and every breath I take is because of you. My heart beats only for you, and my soul sings with joy when I look at you. I can’t wait to officially be your husband and to hold you in my arms as my beautiful wife. I’ll love you forever, my Lenora. Love, Tyrone.”

“Awww,” Crystal sighed dreamily. Mathilda smiled, and another tear drifted down Lenora’s cheek. She held his beautiful note to her heart and then kissed her engagement ring.

Lenora gave a watery grin as she dabbed at her eyes. “I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so sweet,” she said. She sniffed the roses once again and jumped at another knock on the door.

“Ladies, it’s time,” Claire, the wedding coordinator said.

“Showtime,” Lenora said, rubbing her hands together. “Oh gosh, I don’t remember the last time I was ever so nervous.”

“You’ll be fine,” Mathilda said, hugging her. “Oh, Lenora, you make such a beautiful bride. I love you as much as any mother could love a daughter. Please know that.”

“I do,” Lenora said, returning Mathilda’s fierce hug. “You’d better watch out with all these nice words. I seem to cry easily today.”

“Most brides do,” Mathilda said, adjusting Lenora’s veil one last time. “Now, let’s get you married.”

“This is really happening,” Lenora whispered as Amadeus’s beautiful prelude music sounded. Craning her neck, Lenora could just see him from where she stood. She glanced over at her friend and future father-in-law who winked at her without missing a beat as his hands glided effortlessly over the piano keys. She blew him a kiss, and Amadeus smiled and winked at her again.

“Places!” Claire hissed under her breath. “Cameras just started to roll.”


Lenora shared a loving look with Landon as they took their places. He squezzed her hand and kissed her cheek, which made Lenora almost cry again. “I love you, Ma,” he whispered. “You look so beautiful.”

This time, Lenora did cry, but she was smiling through her tears. She patted his hand and gave him a swift hug. “Landon…my angel,” she choked out. “I am so blessed…so very, very blessed.” Her Irish accent was thick with emotion. “To have ye back with me and sharing this day is more than my heart can possibly hold.”

Everyone stood and gasped at the exquisite vision Lenora was as she made her entrance. She glided gracefully up the aisle escorted by the son she loved so desperately. She wore a beatific smile as she locked eyes with her groom.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man, Tyrone Amadeus Mozart Landgraab and this woman, Lenora Margaret Catherine Atherton, in matrimony. Marriage is an honorable estate not to be entered into lightly. Who giveth this woman to be married?” the officiant asked.

“I do,” Landon said before placing his beloved mother’s hand into that of her waiting groom’s.


Tyrone’s breath caught in his throat as he gazed upon his bride. Once she faced him, he took both of her hands and ran his thumbs lovingly over her knuckles. He was unable to take his eyes from her. //I have never in all my life seen anything as exquisite as you,// Tyrone communicated silently into Lenora’s mind. Due to their special bond, Tyrone’s sixth sense as a wolf, and Lenora’s telepathic abilities, they could communicate easily in this fashion.

//You’re not so bad yourself, Wolfman,// Lenora communicated back, smiling tenderly into her beloved’s eyes. //We make quite a pair, you know.//

He grinned at her and leaned in to kiss her. Their lips touched, and the officiant started to laugh. “It’s not time to kiss her yet.”

The guests laughed through their tears, and the women dabbed at their eyes. Tyrone’s reaction to seeing Lenora tugged at many a heartstring, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

The bride and groom grinned sheepishly at each other, and Tyrone squeezed her hands again.

“If anyone can show just cause as to why this marriage should not take place, let him speak now or forever hold his peace,” the officiant continued.

After a moment of silence, it was time for the vows. The bride and groom wrote their own.


“I, Tyrone Amadeus Mozart Landgraab, take you, Lenora Margaret Catherine Atherton, to be my lawfully wedded wife. Something irrevocable happened to me the first instant I saw you. I knew you were my heart and soul, my forever love, my soulmate. I never dreamed I would experience Imprinting, especially on someone so beautiful and special. You are the reason my heart beats. You are what makes my world turn on its axis. It is you who holds my life and heart in her hands.” He slipped the ring on her finger and so very gently wiped away the tears that glistened on her cheeks. “I give you this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. I promise to love and cherish you in the good times and bad. I promise to laugh with you, to cry with you, and hold you forever close. I promise to take care of you in sickness and in health, to honor and protect you all the days of my life.” He then placed his right hand over Lenora’s heart and his left hand over his. “If aught must be lost, it will be my honor for yours. If one must be forsaken, it will be my soul for yours. Should death come anon, it will be my life for yours.” Tyrone took a deep breath and pierced Lenora’s gaze with a loving passionate look before speaking the last part. “I am Given.”

Mathilda’s gasp was audible as she heard Tyrone give Lenora the Druid binding vows. Lenora came from a long line of Irish Druids, which added to her magic. As she studied Liam’s tomes with Mathilda, she’d run across these words, which turned out to be marriage vows that bound two people together indefinitely. When one spoke the words, it sealed them to their mate forever in this life and in lives they might lead afterward. Unless the other person returned the words, the one saying them first would forever ache and long for that person, loving them eternally regardless. Only when the other person returned these vows would the bond be completely sealed. If the words were returned, each would always feel the other, would know when the other entered a room and be compelled to go to their side. Combined with the bond they already had due to Tyrone’s Imprinting, their love would be unbreakable.

As Tyrone spoke the vows, a wave of emotion crashed over him. He had a hard time catching his breath for a moment as Lenora’s presence seated itself further within his very being. Before their wedding, Lenora told him of these particular vows, and he found it very fascinating. They agreed to make these vows part of their wedding ceremony.


“I, Lenora Margaret Catherine Atherton, take you, Tyrone Amadeus Mozart Landgraab, to be my lawfully wedded husband. I thought my life was over in one split second. I never dreamed I would find love again after losing so much. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine finding love on a crazy Reality TV dating show.” She grinned and chuckled softly. “How wrong I was and how fortunate for me to be wrong! I knew I loved you the minute I saw you and that our lives would forever be interwoven. You are my song of songs, my melody and harmony. You are the soft breeze that sings to me and caresses my hair. You are every beat of my heart, each breath I take, and my very soul. You are the keeper of my love and heart forever.” She slipped the ring on his finger and gazed into his eyes. “I give you this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. I promise to love and cherish you in the good times and bad. I promise to laugh with you, to cry with you, and hold you forever close. I promise to take care of you in sickness and in health, to honor and protect you all the days of my life.” Lenora placed her right hand over Tyrone’s heart and her left one over hers. Her Irish accent was thick as she uttered her next words. “If aught must be lost, it will be my honor for yours. If one must be forsaken, it will be my soul for yours. Should death come anon, it will be my life for yours.” Her eyes never left his as she finished the last words on a sob. “I am Given.”

A wave of emotion crashed over Lenora, and she cried out as it took her over. She might have fallen if Tyrone hadn’t grabbed her and held her tightly to his chest. The instant Lenora finished returning the binding vows, the lights flickered and a gusty wind blew for a few moments. The strength of their bond of love and the powerful vows stirred nature and the forces of space and time. When it died down, Tyrone was once again holding her hands, and Lenora saw a sheen of tears in Mathilda’s eyes. Everyone was unabashedly weeping, and Tyrone once again wiped away his bride’s tears.

Lenora and Tyrone loved the Unity Candle ceremony, so they added that as part of the wedding. When it was lit, they came together to sing “Don’t Know Much.” Lenora was proud of herself for getting through the song without crying.

“Whatsoever the powers of the deities hath joined, let no man or being put asunder,” the officiant proclaimed.


“I now pronounce you husband an wife. Tyrone, you may now kiss your bride,” said the officiant.

Tyrone wasted no time. He gazed tenderly at Lenora before claiming her lips in a passionate yet tender kiss. //I love you, my Lenora…my beautiful goddess.//

Lenora held him close, holding onto the kiss for a long moment. //And I love you forever.//


“May I know present Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Landgraab!” the officiant’s voice boomed.


After many smiles and tears, the happy couple were congratulated. The reception immediately followed the ceremony.


Tyrone whisked his Lenora onto the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. Their eyes locked and held the entire time, and Lenora’s love for her new husband shone in her eyes. Lenora’s empathic senses thrummed harmoniously as Tyrone sent her waves of adoration along the strands of their bond.


When the song was about to end, Tyrone held Lenora’s hands in his and smiled. “I will never forget how beautiful you look today. Lenora…my beautiful wife.”

“I’ll never forget this day,” She whispered back. “I’m so in love with you. My heart sings with joy every time I look into your eyes.”


Lenora giggled as Tyrone bent her back for a passionate dip kiss to finish off the dance. Everyone clapped loudly, and she was breathless when she was back on her feet. “Do that again and I won’t be held responsible for shamelessly having my way with ye here and now,” she whispered in his ear.

“Promises, promises,” Tyrone said back, a wicked glint in his eye.

She gave him a sultry, sexy look which made him growl low in his throat. He claimed her lips again in a searing kiss and held her tight.

The live band played for the reception, and the dance floor was highly populated for most of the evening. Wedding cake was finally served, and before the newly married couple left, Lenora threw her bouquet.


Lenora threw it toward Crystal, who caught it deftly. The pretty little fairy grinned from ear to ear and locked eyes with Landon.

Lenora and Tyrone weren’t schedule to leave for their honeymoon until the next day, so they spent the night in a honeymoon suite at one of the local resorts. Tyrone carried her over the threshold and all the way up to their suite once they’d checked in.


The newlyweds wasted no time in expressing their love for each other. Tyrone made passionate love to his wife all through the night, which left Lenora feeling limp and sated. She fell asleep with a tender smile on her face as Tyrone pulled her protectively against him.

Author’s Note – I would like to thank PinkSparkles3475 for the use of Crystal Light for my story. We will be seeing a lot of Crystal as this story unfolds.

I wish I could take credit for the Druid Binding Vows, but I cannot. These are from Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander Series. They are wonderfully awesome books, and if you like Scottish romance novels, these are perfect. I thought it would be a nice touch to add to the story, so I grabbed them and ran with it.


And here is “Don’t Know Much,” the song Lenora and Tyrone sang.