Name: Her Royal Majesty, Ella Principal, Queen of the Fae. But you can call me Ella or Queen Ella if you wish. I know who I am and have enough self-confidence not to feel as if I must ram formal titles down people’s throats when it is not warranted.

Select your age bracket: 700+

Desired age of pen pal: Big or small, everyone has a place.

Vocation: I am Queen of the Fae, which as you can surmise, is a rather big job. I also ran “The Love Ship” for a long, long time where I helped people find their true soulmate.

What qualities do you desire in a pen pal? I’m a Queen, but I’m a Queen who values all people. As a fairy, it was always ingrained in me to respect all life. As long as someone is interested in communicating with me, they will find me a willing and good friend.

Describe yourself in a few sentences: I’m a romantic at heart and a pretty nice person. I’ll give anyone a fair shake and truly enjoy helping people and doing what I can to make their life better. Being a Queen, though, I exercise a firm hand when it’s needed but I try to make it into a learning experience. I’m protective of my family and friends.

Hobbies & Interests: I guess you could say one of my hobbies is meddling. 🙂 That’s what I do when I delve into someone’s romantic life in order to help them find their true love. I guess it comes naturally, being the daughter of Cupid. Like most other fairies, I love flowers, gardening, music, and any form of the arts. I collect teapots and love being a Queen.

Would you be interested in meeting your pen pal? Yes, of course! I am always open to meeting new and interesting people.

How many pen pals would you like? I’ll let the chips fall where they may on this one. I’ll correspond with anyone who is interested.

Why are you applying for a pen pal? As I said above, I love meeting all kinds of interesting people. I love an adventure, so I thought it would be fun. Aside from that, I have friends and family involved in it too (Mathilda, Liam, Lenora, just to name a few), so I couldn’t let them leave me in the dust now, could I? 🙂


Other comments:  I am engaged to the love of my life, Carson, who I will be marrying in a double ceremony with his cousin Aurora and my brother Silvan. We’re currently busy planning the wedding and Carson is getting used to his newfound state of being. He recently became a fairy and…

Well anyway, it’s his story to tell and maybe he will if I can talk him into signing up for this thing too.