Silvan 4 (Medium)

Dear Brio,

It was great to get your letter. It’s never easy getting that first one off the ground, especially when needing to ask such a burning question. By abductions, I presume you mean alien abductions.

Well, I can tell you a fair amount. Most is speculation but I do have rather substantial knowledge as well. Many abductions are sort of random, meaning, being in the wrong place at the wrong time can land you a trip to a strange spacecraft.

Let us backtrack though. Sometimes it’s not as bad as it seems. I say sometimes because let’s face it. Outer space is a mighty big place with many occupied planets. Now, if we take it one step further, there are dimensional gates that can be opened, which means there are other universes besides this one. Different races have different motivations and reasons for what they do; most are benign in nature while others have more sinister reasons in mind.

When an expedition is assigned to visit another planet, 99% of the time, the majority of the crew, if not all, are scientists who have been sent to study the world, it’s vegetation, and its inhabitants for one reason or another. it could be anything from needing to learn how to cultivate a new food supply to scoping out other living arrangements because their own world is in jeopardy of being destroyed. In most cases, there is no harm or malice intended; their main focus is to study and obtain whatever samples they’ve been instructed to get.


Silvan 1 (Medium)

Now, I dinnae mean to sound insensitive or stereotypical, but scientists, for the most part, aren’t exactly the most socially graceful. Plus, being strangers in a strange land, they aren’t exactly familiar with the customs of the planet they are visiting. We may think it strange, for instance, to see someone digging through the trash, but to them, they simply care about studying and analyzing things. Adapting to customs is an afterthought, but most of the time, it doesn’t really cross their minds.

As to abductions…most folks around here will call it codswallop but as a supernatural being, I ken otherwise. They do, indeed, happen, and it can be unnerving to downright frightening for the one who is taken.

As I said, no malice or harm is intended in most cases, and the visiting race does not often know it’s wrong to just take someone off planet without permission. People often fear what they dinnae ken and if there is a language barrier, it makes it even worse.

The purpose for taking the people is to study and analyze them. They look at anything from sleep patterns to metabolic rate. The people are eventually returned in most cases but sometimes it doesnae end there.

Sometimes a child is conceived and that child will often develop powers and abilities that will seem weird or frightening. It can be an awesome thing, really, if a positive outlook is taken. But if shame and fear is involved, it can often lead to unhappiness and an unfulfilled life.

In looking at your profile picture and reading what you have said, it looks to me like a child has been conceived when you were away. I’m not one to sugar-coat things or downplay a situation, so I’m sorry if this sounds blunt. It sometimes happens that males are impregnated when on such an “adventure.” There are ways that many races have made this possible. In other words, you are likely one of the rare males on this planet to carry a child.

You find yourself in a unique situation, dear pen friend, and I’m sorry if it comes as a complete shock. It’s my opinion that one needs to go into a situation as well informed as possible in order to look at all possible outcomes.

I could be wrong but I dinnae think I am. I’ve seen this before – quite a few times before – so you have a lot to think about. I would not suggest terminating the pregnancy, for that would most likely cause you more harm than good. I could give you all kinds of medical reasons as to why I say this, but I won’t unless you ask. You will have enough on your mind as it is. I recommend carrying it to term, having it, and then deciding what to do. You’ll have the option of raising the wee one yourself or sending him or her back to the world your abductor(s) came from.


Silvan 4 (Medium)

I will close here to let you sit on this for a while. We can talk further about this if you choose to write back and I will try to answer as many questions as I can. This is probably not what you expected in a first letter from a pen pal.

Wishing you all the best,