Greetings, Jasper, my friend!

We live in a small world, my friend. I am thrilled that Alina wrote to ye. She was intrigued by your profile (the lass loves books!) but was unsure if it was proper to initiate contact. Alina…well…she came a long way to be where she is now, as I’m sure ye know. Once I assured her it was all right, ye never saw a happier lass. Alina is lovely and I adore her.



The danger is, indeed over and Alina is happy and healthy. I cannot tell ye how much lighter my heart feels to know she is back with us. She is a brave girl, our Alina.


Lenora Hugging Alina 1 (Medium)

It is Lenora I am a week bit concerned about now, however. Lenora has been through her own ordeal, as ye know, which Alina didn’t deal with well at all. Lenora feels sick with guilt that Alina was so distraught, which led to the curse in the first place. It brought a lot of painful memories back to the surface for both of them and even some nightmares for Lenora. The two of them are as close as any two sisters can be (they are not related by blood but the way they act, ye would never know that), and when one is hurting, the other one hurts, too. We still need to apprehend the person who did this to Alina and I think once we do, this entire thing can be sewn up and put away as it should be.

How right ye are that worry cannot simply be banished with a thought when it comes to those we love. These two ladies are two of the dearest people in my life and it pains me greatly when they are unsettled and hurting.

I am truly touched that ye were so concerned for Alina and all of us. It means more than I can possibly express.



Anyway, your letter was a joyous and lovely sight after everything that has happened. After reading it, I think ye are right. My kind of magic must be rubbing off due to the channels being opened between our two existences. Along with that, there certainly is everyday magic to behold. As ye say, it is often overlooked. I think if we take the time to savor everything around us, we can truly see this kind of magic at work. These workings are wondrous if we can truly appreciate them. How can there not be magic in a seedling sprouting or a wee chick hatching from an egg? There is magic in each turning of the world, for each season brings its own type of magic.



Some of the greatest magic I’ve ever experienced happened every time I held my wee Lenora. That magic still happens every time she and Alina come to me with warm embraces and daughterly kisses. What can be better than that?



I smiled the entire time I read about ye babysitting your grand-niece and how your Meadow is coming to trust in her daughter’s well-being. I took to my workshop to mediate on the second half of your letter. Everything ye said gave me a lot to think about.

I’m sure ye must be a proud uncle to know Meadow and Norman are doing good for others. Ye hit the nail right on the head that it’s one thing to be good at heart, but to actually do something with that goodness brings about compassion.



We weren’t rich by any monetary means, but we lived comfortably. Lenora and I were rich in other ways because we had love, understanding, and mutual respect. I like to think I did something right in bringing her up. Even with all the hardships and trauma she’s endured, she’s always there for others and does all she can to make a difference in people’s lives.



She and Tyrone instilled such values in their wee ones. Each and every one of them have loving hearts and compassionate spirits. I could not be more proud of every one of my great grand-kids.



Some of them have even adopted wee ones of their own.



Sometimes I wonder if I put Lenora into a sort of bubble. She was all I had left after my daughter and her man were killed. Despite trying to bring her up right, I know I clung to her for both our sakes. She’d lost her parents, so I tried to make up for that. I loved her so much that I wanted and needed to keep her close. Perhaps I sheltered her too much.



Even with all the mistakes I know I made, she came out a beautiful, admirable, and loving person. Despite everything she’s endured, who she was never changed. She and Tyrone have even adopted three siblings whose folks perished in a fire. They wren’t adjusting well to life in the orphanage. She and Tyrone took to them right away, so they brought them home. They’ve still got a lot of healing to do, but they’re doing better. I have no doubt that they’ll be all right and happy with all the love Lenora and Tyrone have to offer them.

And in saying that, I know little Jena will be all right, too. With Meadow and ye in her corner, how can she not be?



In as much as I can’t rejoice that hardships came our way, I’m proud of how we all survived it. Alina and Lenora never cease to amaze me. I’m a lucky man, Jasper. I know this and I am thankful every day.



Ye will thoroughly enjoy getting to know Alina. As I said, she is a beautiful person, both inside and out and is someone who will always hold a special place in my heart.

Wishing ye all my heartfelt friendship and fondness,