Silvan 4 (Medium)

Name: My full title is His Royal Highness Prince Silvan McBeth of the Fae, but just call me Silvan or Prince Silvan if ye have a hankering for such formalities.

Select your age bracket: 700+

Desired age of pen pal: When ye have lived as many decades and centuries as I have, age becomes simply a number. Therefore, as long as one is able to form letters and decipher a missive, I will be happy to correspond with any wee one on up.

Vocation: I am a Scotsman, need I say more? That, in itself, is a full time vocation. I am a prince, so I am familiar with matters of state and diplomacy between lands. Whilst residing in places other than the Fae Kingdom, I have worked many a profession. Ye name it, I have likely done it. Right now, I am working in the medical profession as a physician. I also volunteer at an orphanage, which is where my fiance and I met our wee daughter and adopted her. At this moment, I am wishing for Aurora, my fiance, to dump that sleazy agent she has and let me manage her singing career. What it comes down to in a nutshell is that I’m a jack of all trades and easily adaptable to most situations.

How many pen pals would you like? 1 or 2 starting off would be excellent. If the need to add more arises, it is certainly a negotiable prospect.

What qualities would you like in a pen pal? I have lived a long, long tine and have come in contact with people from many walks of life. Nothing surprises me, so I’m open to just about any kind of person. The exception is hardened criminals. I have a family to think about, so their safety is first and foremost.




Would you like to meet your pen pal face-to-face? Aye, of course! If that were to happen, I’ll even be sure to throw in front row seats and backstage passes to one of Aurora’s concerts. Not to worry. she’ll do anything for me. Oh, she’ll razz me a bit, roll her eyes, poke me in the gut, and tell me I owe her big time, but she’ll do it anyway. Damned Irishwoman is a hardened case, she is. Now see? If she’d let me manage her career, we wouldnae have to go through all this red tape.

All kidding aside, Aurora and I enjoy visits from friends and have plenty of room to put ye up.


Silvan Playing With Tara 1 (Medium)

Describe yourself in a few sentences: I am a typical fairy who enjoys a funny prank now and again, I’m still a wee big kid at heart sometimes, especially when having a grand time with my daughter.


Emmaline & Silvan 1 (Medium)

Life hasnae been all fun and games, however. I’ve done some things I’m not proud of, ye ken. I enjoyed the company of the ladies too much, which got me into a whole mess of trouble. It went too far and I broke some substantial rules. My mother readily found out, of course and was far from amused.


Aurora & Silvan 8 (Medium)

Let us just say even a prince can fall from grace. My mother sent me away to live on Earth until I was ready to grow up and settle down. I was verra resentful of her at first but now understand that she did it for my own good. Had she not banished me, I would never have met my Aurora, my beautiful angel.

I can cone across as sarcastic, even caustic at times, but I’m a likable enough kind of fellow once ye get to know me. Her Da may disagree somewhat. I think he is still unsure of my intentions toward Aurora. Aurora tells me there is a distinctly different side of me when I am with ones I deeply love. I reckon she is right, for she usually is about these things. Being someone with empathic powers gives her a good handle on most people.


Silvan 1 (Medium)

Hobbies & Interests: I enjoy the typical fairy things like gardening, music, and poetry. I like anything from rebuilding computers to working out. To relax, reading and painting are things I gravitate to. Sometimes I just like watching some TV or listening to Aurora practice her music. I love to travel and plan to take Aurora and Tara on many lovely holidays.