Hiya, everyone!

I’m working on some new things for my stories, but meanwhile, I got tagged to do the handwriting challenge in this post by Thymeless. This looked like fun, so here we go.

The Rules:

  • Write your name
  • Write your blog’s name
  • Write your favorite word and its definition
  • Write something nice
  • Write the name of your favorite song right now
  • What are you writing with?
  • Write a fun fact about yourself
  • Write/draw your favorite emoticon
  • Write a silly message
  • Write who you’re tagging


Handwriting Challenge



Wahl-Eversharp Pen

Here is a picture of the pen I used. It’s a newly designed Wahl-Eversharp fountain pen. Wahl-Eversharp was a pen company way back when who went out of business. The rights to the name was recently purchased, so now, new pens are made to revitalize the vintage designs. This was the crown jewel of what I got at this year’s (2017) Chicago Pen Show. It has been inked with Mont Blanc Blue Hour.

The notebook I used is a Rhodia notepad. This paper is awesome for fountain pens, as it takes the ink beautifully and doesn’t bleed through. Sorry for the smears at the end. Fountain pen ink can take a little bit to dry, and I accidentally seared it when I went to move the paper.

The people I am tagging are CathyTeaRipuAncestorLisabeeSims, and AudreyFLD.

Hope you all enjoy. 🙂