Warning!!! The contents of this letter contain spoilers to events that have happened in my story Forever in Time, which you can read by going to the Other World by Me section of this blog and clicking on the Appropriate link to go to the blog.


Dear Caleb,

I found your profile and said to myself, “Now, this is an interesting young lad I would enjoy getting to know.” Everyone is a young lad or lass to me, as I am an old lady. It sounds like you are at a crossroads in your life as you await your assignment. I hope it brings you much happiness and everything you are looking for.

Now, down to business. My name is Lenora Landgraab, and I sincerely look forward to getting to know you as a new friend and hope the feeling is mutual. My family and I are quite different than what you are probably expecting, and you may think what I will tell you is too fantastic to believe. That is understandable, for we live in a proverbial different world than what most people would view as logical. Let me try to explain.

I am a witch, am married to a werewolf, and have a fairy daughter-in-law and fairy grandsons. Two of my children are werewolves while the others are witches and wizards. in other words, we are supernatural beings who live a very full, rich life. Like everyone else, we have our ups and downs and good days as well as bad ones. It’s just that some things we do are different.



If you are still reading this, let me introduce myself further. I am an Irishwoman raised by her Grandda. I’m an only child and my parents were killed shortly after I was born. Grandda Liam brought me up alone, for my grandmother, Anne, died before I was born. My Grandda is the kindest, gentlest man and the best Grandda anyone could have ever asked for. It wasn’t easy bringing up a wee girl but I am thankful every day for having him.



Until I was thirteen, I had no idea that there was anything different about me. Grandda, too, is a wizard, but he cast aside his magic, feeling it was the best thing to do to protect me. My parents were killed due to my mother making some wrong choices and it was through magic that they ended. Grandda felt it best to keep me ignorant of it, but he now realizes how wrong it was to hide it from me.



I found out what I was after nearly dying from a mysterious illness brought on by a curse my mother unknowing passed to me while she carried me. It was only through a very skilled and powerful witch, Mathilda, that caused me to survive. After that, Grandda never held anything back from me and I embraced who and what I was.


Lenora Reading to Landon 2 (Medium)

The years went by and I married a wonderful man named Lincoln Atherton. He had no supernatural abilities but he was one of the finest doctors I’ve ever known. I hated him at first but as we grew older, things changed. Ah, that’s another story which I will tell in another letter if you are interested. Anyway, Linc and I had a son we named Landon. We were so happy togehter. Everyone called us the L Train because all our names began with the letter L. Linc was a fine man and skilled doctor while I was a writer and musician. Landon was the icing on the cake for us and oh, how we loved him! I always called him my angel.



I learned the hard way that idyllic bliss can be taken away at the snap of the fingers. My loving husband and beautiful little boy were killed in a plane crash. I was never so devastated in my life, not even when my dear Grandda died, which was unspeakably awful. Part of the magic I hold manifest itself in the gift of empathy. I can feel the emotions of others as if they were my own. Well, I felt them dying in real time, and I, too, wanted to die. I actually did but I was made to return because my purpose wasn’t done yet. It was Mathilda who got me through the worst of it and looked after me until I was strong again. Mathilda and I grew to be like mother and daughter over the years and still are.



The saying about when one door closes, another opens is true. I am remarried and once again, I have a wonderful husband. His name is Tyrone and we have four children together. Plus, I was given another life with Landon (again, another story I will tell another time). All the children are grown now and leading their own lives, but I am fortunate that they live near me so I can see them often. At least one of them comes over every day to visit with us.


Lenora & Chris 2 (Medium)

In my present life, I am still a writer and musician as well as being Vice President of the Witches’ Association. I’m a trained Healer, too, and an Alchemist, so I keep very busy. One of my hobbies is cooking and experimenting with recipes. I see you are quite interested in food, so we will have at least one common interest to talk about in our letters.



So there you have it, a condensed version of my roller coaster of a life. Please do tell me more about yours, or as much as you are permitted given your circumstances. I am always interested in hearing about other people and making a friend wherever and whenever possible. Wishing you a very blessed day and may many joys greet you in your life each and every day.