Author’s Note: Alina often gets slang, expression, and certain terms confused. They don’t always come out right and she’ll say/write a wrong word. It’s humorous and her family is fond of ribbing her and good-naturedly correcting her.

Alina is from my story Another World, which you can find the link to that blog in the Other Works by Me section of this blog if you want to read her story.



Greetings and Salutations, Jasper,

It is difficulty for me to know how to begin such a missive, for I have never had a pen pal before. It is a new concept for me, but I look forward to the adventure. I am no stranger to experiencing new things, after all.

My name is Mrs. Alina McIntyre, wife of Robin and daughter of Goddess Mathilda Kelly. I have no formal title, such as Grand Duchess, but my Robin always tells me I’m the finest Lady of the Manor he could have ever asked for.

I have been in deep reflection about the correct way to introduce myself to a proper gentleman such as yourself. Where…or shall I say when I am from, a lady, especially one of my class would never initiate communication with someone of the nobility. It is forbidden behavior and could even be seen as a punishable act. In this time in which I am now in, things are very different and tolerance in many areas is exercised. My stairfather (?) Liam, who tells me he is your pen pal and friend, assures me that all this is, indeed, respectable and acceptable.


Alina (Medium)

I seem to be talking in riddles, so I reckon I should explain. What I will say may seem strange or even impossible, but Liam seems to have carved the way…ah, is that right?…for me to be able to tell you such a story. Have you read the book Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein? Well, I am a stranger in a strange time. You see, I came from a time where jousts, archery, and High Court existed. There was the nobility and then, there were the peasants. The King and/or Queen was the law of the land and ill people were bled by leeches. Witchcraft certainly was taboo and if discovered, was punishable by death. Some aspects were beautiful while others were barbaric.

Even then, my mother was well known. She was even immortal but alas, she was the only one of us who was. My father died while Mother was carrying me in her womb. She remarried and had a son, but sadly, my second father, Phillip and my little brother died of smallpox. I, too, grew very ill and Mother nursed me during the ordeal. However, it was discovered who and what she was. She could not be killed due to being immortal and indestructible but I could. To save my life, she did all she could for my illness and sent me forward in time to this century we are now in.


Alina Arrested (Medium)

It took some time for me to adjust. I was dreadfully homesick for Mother, and knowing the world I left behind was now dust brought me great malaise some days. I was even arrested once for vandalism when I spray painted my neighbor’s house. I thought I was doing them a service and being neighborly and did not realize I was breaking the law. I was carted away in a great, roaring beast I now know to be a police car. Oh, how it frightened me! In my mind, I kept thinking about how Mother had sent me here to save my life but now, I was going to be executed. I reckon it seems funny and even I get a chuckle out of it now. I have learned so much since being dropped into this strange time, but there are things that are still completely foreign to me.



If I could go back, I would never want to. I was reunited with Mother, and I have my Robin and the rest of my family. My life is here now and this is where I am the happiest.


Alina Going to Work (Medium)

On the more mundane side of things, I love to cook, and I work as an executive chef at the Bistro here in Dragon Valley.



I also enjoy painting but have been sticking to my easel rather than the spray paint. I reckon I’d gotten into enough trouble with that.



I love mixing potions but have not done that in a while. I had a horrific accident one day whilst in a distraught state. I shouldn’t have even been mixing potions in that condition, but I needed something to keep my mind off my troubles. Sadly, I was distracted and made a grievous error.


It literally killed me but I was able to return, thanks to my Robin coming for me in the spirit world.



What distressed me so was when my sister, Lenora, was presumed dead. She’s not my blood sister, but we are sisters in spirit. Mother and Lenora have a very, very close relationship and when I came back into Mother’s life, Lenora became the sister I had always wanted. Anyway, we all thought her to have died, but it was an awful, diabolical ruse orchestrated by people who could see nothing but revenge and deceit in front of them. I thank all the stars that it wasn’t the case though.



Mother and Lenora’s husband, Tyrone rescued her after uncovering the truth and I had my beautiful sister back. I am so thankful and blessed.


Robin & Alina Wedding 1 (Medium)

My Robin and I were married soon after. Life with him has been like a fairy tale for the most part. He makes me so happy and gives me everything.


Alina Upset on Floor (Medium)

Even so, we’ve had our share of heartache. You see, in the time where I came from, a wife’s duty is to provide her husband with a son to carry on his father’s name. We have yet to conceive a child and it hurts my heart every day. To be a disappointment to my Robin is more than I could ever bear. I would rather die than have him ever regret marrying me.


Alina & Blythe (Medium)

We went through treatment after treatment but nothing worked. We have recently learned that my inability to conceive is due to a curse that was placed upon me while in the world of the spirits. To remove it won’t come without danger, but I want it gone from me. I shall tell you more about that in another letter should you wish to write back.

As I read through this, I wonder if I have said too much for a first missive. I am unaccustomed to putting it all out there, as Robin says, but Liam says you are a kind, generous soul. I suppose I just needed to vent my vexation and sometimes it’s easier to do so to an objective ear rather than someone who is close to you every day.


Alina Reading (Medium)

On a happier subject, I am a great lover of books. When I came from, books came very dear and reading was a special treat for me given to me by Mother. She had the foresight to teach me to read and write, for women of my class normally are not taught such things. You can imagine my shock and joy when I learned that books were readily available for me to enjoy.



I reckon I shall end this missive here. I am happy to make your acquaintance and wish you a blessed, happy day and many delicious meals.