Name: Alina McIntyre

Select your age bracket: 25-30

Desired age of pen pal: Any

Vocation: I’m an executive chef at our local bistro.

What qualities do you desire in a pen pal? Och, such a thought provoking question! I am still new to a great many things in the world I live. It’s a long story, but for now, I will just say I’m a stranger in a strange land. I am different in many ways, so I would hope to find a pen pal who can expect the unexpected. I would be ever so ecstatic to find a friend who has an open mind to believing in things that aren’t exactly obvious or seen clearly.

Describe yourself in a few sentences: I am what Mother calls a Supernatural. This is because I possess the ability to do magic, meaning, I am a witch. Sometimes it still amazes me that I can say this aloud and candidly, as where I originally came from, real witches and ones simply accused of being witches were burned at the stake. People seem to be more accepting of different things in this seemingly enlightened age. All of this continues to befuddle me, for I am a traveler from a time and place that is now dust.



Hobbies & Interests: Being a chef, I love food preparation and experimenting with new recipes. Preparing a gourmet meal was how I met my husband, so I always smile when I am working in my lovely kitchen.



I love to paint amd am rather good at it. My Robin says I should think about selling some of my work, but the thought overwhemls me a little. I do it for fun and relaxation, really, and never imagined what ability I have being in the same class as the masters.



Being a witch, mixing potions comes naturally to me. I am grateful that I can do this without being frightened of getting caugh and put to death.

Would you be interested in meeting your pen pal? Yes, of course! I am always open to meeting new and interesting people.

How many pen pals would you like? 2-3. I think that’s a good number, at least for the beginning.

Other comments: Being so new to this world, I have a great curiosity about how things are done. As I now live in this time, it is best for me to get as accustomed to it as I possibly can. I want to please myself, but I also want to please my Robin and make my mother proud. Mayhap finding new friends to share experiences can help me continue to figure things out. I’m getting better but still have so much to learn.