Dear Emily,

Your letter was a welcome sight as I leafed through my mail this morning. It’s always such a pleasure hearing from ye. My days are brighter when reading a lovely missive from a friend.

Och, lassie, such sadness in this one! I’m so sorry my answers to your questions caused such unrest in your soul. It isn’t always easy to take in the answers we seek and often, they bring up even more questions. Many other times, they don’t bring us the peace we think they will, and that can be unnerving.



Ye know, when my Lenora was upset and crying, I’d put my arms around her wee frame and just hold her tight. I would tell her that the storm needs to run its course but that things were always calmer once it passed. If I were there with ye now, I’d do the same for ye. I won’t say it gets easier thinking about the answers we unearth, but we find ways of dealing with them somehow.



I wish I could say or do something to lessen the pain ye are feeling right now. There’s something about feeling such pain and raw emotion that uncovers something deep within us and makes us especially vulnerable. Sometimes finding out the truth in something profound is painful, but it’s better to be aware of the truth rather than hide. It will only return to the surface at some point and will cause even more disturbance unless addressed.

Please know that whatever ye say to me will be between just the two of us if ye wish. I am honored that ye shared such an important confidence with me, and I will keep your friendship with Tad under my hat. Ye have an Irishman’s word on that!



Ye have such a good, kind heart, Miss Emily. I think my answers to your questions made ye sad because it is painful for ye to realize that Tad will always be alone in one very significant way. There is no one like him. He is one of a kind and that is something he must live with every day. My being an immortal and indestructible being makes my situation unique, but I am not the first, nor will I be the last, person that this will happen to. Your uncle being Death puts him in a class all his own and that is hard to face.

Have ye ever watched the Twilight Zone? There are a couple of episodes that deal with Death personified. This one I’ll mention is not from the original series but is part of a series revival from the 1980’s. It’s Rendezvous in a Dark Place and has Death as a main character. The female lead has a fondness for him and asks that he take her instead of a robber who’s broken into her house and lies dying. He tells her, “I cannot take life where there is none.” This coincides perfectly with what Tad tells ye about living and how ye shouldn’t worry about him. Ah, but it’s hard for ye because ye care so for him. The thought of his forever loneliness hurts your heart.



Ye see, life and death, I believe, are a circle. There cannot be one without the other. In that circle, sometimes the line is disturbed when a being becomes immortal. Because of what I have become, it means I am indestructible and unable to die. I am frozen in time, if ye will. It goes against the normal natural order of things, but it does happen and it exists.

What would happen if the universe should be destroyed? I don’t know, lass. I surmise there would be nothing: no life, no light…nothing. But I think when a universe is destroyed, a new one is born or regenerated. With that regeneration, I think we immortals would regenerate as well, for we can never truly die.

I suppose this is why Tad can’t or won’t make friends with immortal beings. It goes against the confines of his job and is out of the normal circle of life and death. It’s a praradox, really, but a paradox that exists for a very, very few.



I wish it weren’t a paradox, for nobody deserves to be lonely. Many don’t think of Death as a person, nor do they contemplate him as having human emotions. Most are afraid, picturing him as a dark force that rips his victim from the bosom of their loved ones. But ye and I know differently. Ye are a very fortunate lass to have such a friend. Ye see him in a different light, someone who likes and does things other than simply taking away departed souls. So no, I don’t find it strange or surprising that Death should have such a friend. He is lucky to have ye for a friend. Cherish that friendship for as long as ye have life and I am certain he will do the same.

As I said, people experience different things when they pass on. Not everyone sees a black-cloaked figure with a scythe when they go. I saw my wife, Anne, just before I went to sleep. She touched my hand and that was it. I am certain Death was in the room, for I would not have passed otherwise. i was probably focused on seeing Anne and following her into the light that I paid no attention.

I wish I had a magical solution for ye to share with Tad so he wouldn’t be so lonely. For him, I think it’s just the nature of the beast because of who he is. All ye can do is be the loving friend to him that ye are and have been, and that will help a great deal. Try not to focus on his loneliness so much and just relish the joy of spending time together. I reckon his making light of it is his way of telling ye he doesn’t want ye to worry. Ye are alive and ye should embrace all that life has to offer until it is your time. Easier said than done, I know, for ye love him and don’t want to see him sad.



I hope this long-winded rambling makes at least a little bit of sense. I will always tell ye the truth how I see it, as I believe in honestly. But I’ll offer ye comfort as best I can if and when something stirs deep emotions or seems overwhelming. These are deep topics we are discussing here, so I understand how they can stir the waters.

Cherish is, indeed, a beautiful name for a wee lass. It’s one that has deep meaning and represents a beautiful word.

Never be afraid to discuss these deep topics as well as the nice ones with me, lass. That is what friends are for, after all. I’m an excellent listener and I have two broad shoulders for lots of crying on. Just ask Lenora.



And so, we move from the murky to sunnier things, do we now? Ah, I am familiar with Pet Sematary, and aye, such a sad story, indeed! Did ye know that whilst writing it, Mr. King had to stop for a while, as it scared even him too much? It is said that his son had a close call with one of those trucks, so it hit very close to home for him as a father.

Food! Now, there’s a nice topic if ever there was one. I am partial to shepherd’s pie. My Anne made the best one. Lenora and Alina (Mathilda’s daughter) have the recipe and will make it for me as a special treat somewhat regularly. I, too, am fond of risotto and I heartily enjoy chicken and wild rice soup, believe it or not. One of my favorite meals has to be an excellent piece of filet mignon with a double baked potato. When my sweet tooth is speaking, I gravitate to German chocolate cake or a piece of lemon meringue pie. Och, all this talk about food is making me crave an early lunch!



Ah yes! My Anne’s flowers are beautiful. I believe that our departed loved ones leave signs of comfort for us when we need them most. Sometimes they even leave extra special gifts. The greatest example of this in my life is my Lenora. I was devastated at losing Maggie and I will always miss her, but she left me wee Lenora, who I am so thankful every day for. I will always cherish her growing up years and be grateful for the loving relationship we share to this day.



I will bring this to a close for now and tell ye more stories of my family in my next letter if ye want to hear them. They do keep me on my toes and there’s always some new development happening with at least one of them.

Wishing ye many blessings and beautiful days.

Your friend,