Name: Tara McBeth

Select your age bracket: 10-15

Desired age of pen pal: Any

Vocation: Well, seeing as child labor seems to be frowned upon, that question doesn’t apply to me. If school is considered a vocation, i’m gong to lodge a protest because the pay sucks.

What qualities do you desire in a pen pal? Hmmm. This is kind of an oxymoron. I mean, you don’t just sit down and make this big list of conditions someone has to live up to to be friends, right? Friends just sort of…happen. As long as they are nice (I hate bullies!) and aren’t freaked out by me being a werewolf, that’s all I care about.



Describe yourself in a few sentences: Oh man! Be careful what you ask for here. My mother always tell me I’m too willing to share my life story. I guess instead of being Little Orphan Annie, I was once Little Orphan Tara. See, I lived in an orphanage until recently but it wasn’t one of those stinking awful ones you see on TV or read about in those adoption magazine things. It was run by White Wolf, himself, who is one of the absolute nicest people you’d ever want to know. He’s one of the offspring of Kai, the Great Alpha Wolf, but that’s another story. Anyway, I got adopted by some really awesome people who met me when they started volunteering at the orphange. I still get to see White Wolf pretty much when I want to since Ma and Da still work with him and all, so I’m totally spoiled.



It’s kind of interesting, really. I always loved to play pretend and make believe that a handsome prince would sweep me onto his horse and carry me away to his castle. Yeah, corny, right? Can I help it if I love fairy tales and totally want to be the princess in one? The thing is, I get to be a princess in real life? Da is an actual fairy prince and the brother of the Fairy Queen, so Ma and I will get a special ceremony when Ma and Da have their wedding. It’s going to be a trip! I mean, it’s going to be a double wedding with them and the Fairy Queen and Ma’s cousin Carson. Imagine that!

I know. TMI but I did warn you to be careful what you asked. 🙂



Hobbies & Interests: I’m a princess at heart but not a diva. I love dressnig up and looking pretty, but being a wolf, I can give ’em hell with the best of ’em. Oops, I guess I shouldn’t have typed the “H” word. I wonder if this thing censors stuff. Aww, who cares? Anyway, I love to read but not those kiddie stories that make any decent person want to gag. I’m down for dinner and a movie and won’t turn down a shopping trip. I’m not a picky eater at all, but Ma says I’m starting to develop an experienced palate, thanks to Grandma Lenora’s cooking. Still, being a wolf, a rare steak totally hits the spot.

I love music and dancing. Da is teaching me to waltz and do ballroom dancing so I’m all prepared for when I get to be an actual princess. I’m learning how to play the piano and other stuff and Ma just got me signed up for drama club and ballet. Maybe I can be an actress and singer one day.

Would you be interested in meeting your pen pal? Sure!



How many pen pals would you like? Two or three works for me. If it were up to me, I’d make friends with the whole world but Ma says I should start off small so as not to get overwhelmed. She’s a very wise lady, Ma is, so I suppose she knows what she’s talking about.



Other Comments: I was thinking how funny it is, me becoming a princess of a fairy kingdom since I’m a wolf. The Fairy Queen is going to be my auntie and she’s so nice. It’s jut sort of funny though, isn’t it?