Name: Gentian Moore

Select your age bracket: 30-50

Desired age of pen pal: Any

Vocation: Such a simple question ought to have a simple answer but alas, I’m an exceptin to this rule. I’m a scientist by trade but ended up being the subject of my own experiments. I’d been working on anti-aging solutions and made some great strides in the field. Then, my curiosity kickef up to a higher level and I wanted to find out how my discoveries would effect someone with my body chemistry. With the nature of my work, I was in seclusion on and off for quite some time, usiing my downtime to strengthen and tone my body. There is still a lot to learn but I’m taking some time to just enjoy life. My own aging has been slowed to nearly a crawl, so I have a lot of living to do and intend to take full advantage o it. So, the roundabout answer to this question is I’m in between jobs right now and happily, I have the luxury of taking the time to explore my options.

What qualities do you desire in a pen pal? Being a Plant Person, I am quite cheerful. I guess folks like me just seem to come by it naturally. You may think that my being a scientist makes me socially awkward and sny but I’m just the opposite, really. I love to laugh and I reach my zen by seeing others – plant and otherwise – happy and content. I’m looking for pen pals who love life and want to share theirs with me. In return, I’ll do the same and will be a genuine friend to whoever wants my friendship.




Describe yourself in a few sentences: Aside from what I explained above, I enjoy nature. I suppose that goes without saying considering what I am. I believe in the health of both body and mind and practice this by partaking in martial arts and playing chess. I’m quite good at martial arts but am still learning my tricks at chess. Thanks to my friend Lenora, I’ve gotten better over time but she can always kick my ass no matter what. One day, I’ll beat her, haha.

I love a good book and have rather eclectic tastes. I like a bit of this and that and ever settle on just one genre. I’m a diehard bowler and enjoy ice skating. Naturally, I’m a whiz at gardening and find comfort in talking and socializing with my plant friends. They do talk back; you just have to know how to listen.

I love animals, especially dogs; my favorite breed is the Golden Retriever. Lilke me, they are cheerful by nature and will explore everything the world has to offer them. I also enjoy tinkering and putting things together. I doubt I’ll ever be a Thomas Edison or Mr. Goodwrench, but it passes the time and gives me a lot of fulfillment.

Hobbies & Interests: Looks like I’ve already covered that above. I’ll just add that I am not afraid to try new things and am always up for an adventure.

Would you be interested in meeting your pen pal? All the world is a stage and the show never ends until the final curtain call. Anything is possible, so yes, I’d certainly be interested. I find it beneficial to keep an open mind, so I roll with whatever happens.



How many pen pals would you like? 2-3

Other comments: I’d like to thank my dear friend, Lenora Landgraab, for steering me in this direction. With being in seclusion off and on, she understood that I’ve had some lonely times and thought this would do me some good. As I said, I’m game for trying new things, so I readily agreed to create a profile and see where this goes. You can read Lenora’s profile here in case you wander upon my page and want to see who the heck I’m talking about. Shameless plug here; read Lenora’s books! You won’t be sorry.