My dear Emily,

First off, there be no need to apologize. I find your excitement so very refreshing. It always does my old heart good at seeing the zest for learning surround someone as they discover something new and amazing. It is a wonder to behold, indeed, when such a new realm becomes available to explore.

Ah, so my Lenora wrote ye now, did she? That doesn’t surprise me in the least. Lenora is a very loving, friendly person who always enjoys making new friends. I reckon your interest in the supernatural caught her eye as it did mine.

Lenora and I tend to gravitate toward the same kind of people, really. With it being just her and me for the longest time, we were often on the same wavelength. Oh, we still are, so it probably does seem like a conspiracy.

It is true that the supernaturally minded tend to run in small circles. As ye know, I have a large family and we are free to use our abilities openly in their presence. At times, however, we must have a care about what we reveal and to who when in the general public. Many would not understand and some would want to exploit our abilities. We, as Supernaturals, are charged to live by a code of honor, the main rule being that we protect the innocent. Sometimes we’re called to do this openly while at other times, we must be creative and low-key about how we go about it.

I’ll try to answer all your questions asked in your letter, Miss Emily, although I daresay they will probably bring up even more. Now, don’t be afraid to ask me anything ye like, my dear, for I don’t mind, in the least, talking about these things.

What is it like to be immortal? Aye, that is the ultimate question. I reckon, for some, it could be a curse. For me, I feel very blessed, for I have ones I love who are also immortal. It would be a very lonely life if I was alone in my immortality. Ye see, it is hard for many to comprehend just how long forever is. They wish for immortality because they are afraid of death. But what they don’t realize is that once immortal, ye outlive everyone. Your loved ones eventually age and die. Ye watch your friends grow feeble and break down like old machines. Everything around ye withers and passes whilst ye, alone, remain ageless and unchanged.

I know this is what I face but I also know I have loved ones who are immortal, too. Mathilda and I have forever, and I will also have my Lenora forever. There are others I will never have to face losing, so I am truly blessed.



Ye are a perceptive lass, indeed! The mind does tend to get bogged down at times with an infinite lifetime of memories; I cope with this in several ways. First off, I have the leisure to expend much energy on hobbies. I enjoy fixing and putting things together, woodworking, writing, and helping Mathilda with her Alchemy, just to name a few. I can let my mind wander while I’m working on a project.

I also keep a journal, which was Lenora’s idea. She believes it helps compartmentalize each thought, and she’s right. My great granddaughter, Aurora, calls it a massive brain dump. In fact, both Lenora and Mathilda are encouraging me to publish my memoirs and I am seriously considering it.

Ye were asking about living in Ireland. Ah, Ireland is one of the most beautiful places on this Earth and I do miss the “Old Country,” I immigrated as a teenager and lived in Hidden Springs until my death. As beautiful as Ireland is, she’s had her share of violence and turbulence. Even so, it is a magical and friendly place with much culture and history. I reckon ye will fall in love with the land if ye ever be traveling there one day.

Ye asked what tit was like to die. Ah, I could write a book on that very subject alone. It is different for everyone, I reckon. There are some who are afraid of death and dying. What they are really afraid of is the unknown. The ones who are accepting of approaching death find it much easier to cross over. I was old and frail when the end came for me. I didn’t fight it, for I believe that life and death is a circle. The old and used up must make way for new life to begin.

Mathilda and Lenora were at my side when it came. Lenora was heavily pregnant with her wee son Landon at the time. I was sorry to leave her at such a time and to know I wouldn’t be there to see her wee one born. But I knew she was in good hands with Mathilda and her first husband, Lincoln. I’d taken care of her all her life but it was time for me to surrender that role. The only thing I regretted was knowing she and Mathilda would grieve so hard for me.

The passing, itself, was quicker than falling asleep. I told my Lenora I loved her and that I was so proud of her. My eyes closed and the next thing I knew, I was in a beautiful meadow with my first wife Anne, my daughter Maggie, and her man Patrick.



Years later, I grew restless in the afterlife. My poor Lenora suffered the greatest loss of her life when her man and wee laddie were killed in a plane crash. She grew weak in body and spirit, and the illness that plagued her at thirteen returned with a vengeance. It literally killed her with her dying in Mathilda’s arms. She briefly visited the spirit world but was returned to her physical body due to her needing to fulfill her life’s purpose. She moved in with Mathilda, who took care of her while she healed.

From time to time, I was able to visit in spirit form. I began to question if I’d been meant to pass on when I did. Lenora needed me, and I, myself, had left many things, mainly my feelings for Mathilda, unresolved.



When Lenora was suffering a particularly bad bout of grief, I was permitted to visit her for a time. It always ripped out my heart to see her weep and even in death, this never changed, I felt helpless knowing there was very little I could do.



Time went on and Lenora healed. Mathilda was able to bring Landon back to her (another story), and she is married to her second husband, Tyrone. For Mathilda and me, however, things were still unresolved.

We loved each other but neither of us revealed this to the other. With her being immortal, I couldn’t, in good conscience, be with her. It is a horrible thing for one to remain young and ageless and watch the other grow old and dies. Mahilda deserved better than that.



Mathilda is one of the very few who knows the formula that grants immortality. Shortly after Lenora and Tyrone were married, she summoned me and proposed my return to physical life. Like her, I would have eternal youth and be indestructible. We revealed our feelings and I agreed to return.



It was no easy feat, even for a goddess. Aye, Mathilda is, indeed, a real goddess. Anyway, there are several ways a person can be brought back. For me, Mathilda prepared some special food that I needed to ingest.



It was a strange sensation, returning to a physical body. The coldness that continually surrounded me faded and I grew substantial in weight. It wasn’t like getting fat; it was like just…being and realizing there is more to ye than just a wisp of air.

I then had to drink two potions, one to restore my youth and the other to give me immortality. Again, it was a strange sensation. I became temporarily dizzy and my ears rang. But when that passed, such strength and power flooded through me! I’d never known such strength and power. Mathilda cast a few spells to make sure everything took. So now, if I cut my finger, for example, it will heal in mere seconds. We don’t get sick, not even with a wee cold.



So, there ye have it. It’s been a hell of a ride but a ride I be thankful for every day.

Och, lassie! I be so sorry for the loss of your good parents. It is a sorrowful thing to lose ones ye love. Believe me, I know! As ye know, my Maggie and her man died, leaving wee Lenora for me to raise. My other daughter, Siobhan, was presumed dead but thanking all the deities, she was returned to us some years back (again, another long story). Mathilda, indeed, is wonderful and I would not be able to get on without her. Mathilda has a daughter, Alina, who I love as my own.

i reckon what I be saying is that even though there are ones we lose, there are others who help fill that void. It sounds like ye have a lovely family with an abundance of love to lavish on each other.

Och, ye are a kind and lovely lass, Miss Emily! My Lenora always tells me I am the best Grandda anyone could ever have, but she be a bit biased. I be thanking ye kindly for your lovely words about me.

I do enjoy playing the guitar. Ye know what they say. Music soothes the savage beast. Besides, I wouldn’t be much of an Irishman if I didn’t like music. Like ye, I enjoy opening a book into another world of people, sights, and sounds, Do ye have a favorite author or genre?



And so, this brings me to the close of this rather long letter. I wish ye and your family much love and good health. May the sun greet ye with lovely messages as it shines through your window each morning.

Much love from your friend,