Dear Emily,

How wonderful it was to receive your letter! It’s always a beautiful start to my day when hearing from such a lovely person.

I’m glad my being the real deal in the supernatural realm didn’t give you a bad turn. Suffice it to say, it freaks some people out when they find out there really are supernaturals about. Being interested in the subject and then actually coming into contact with a supernatural being can be quite daunting for some, but it was so great to see how excited you were. I’m so sorry your encounter with other witches was an unpleasant experience for you. It saddens me that supernatural or not, there are mean people in this world who feel it necessary to spread such toxicity about. I assure you, there are wonderful supernatural people, so please try not to let the unpleasant experience get you down. I sincerely hope that our friendship and correspondence can counteract, at least a little, the feelings you must have had after such an experience.

Ah,, there is certainly never a dull moment where my family is concerned. with five grown children and three we are in the process of adopting and several grandchildren, we’re a lively bunch. With all the fairies, werewolves, witches, and others, I’ll admit it makes for another level of adventure. For example, this place really jumps at the full moon when all the wolves are compelled to transform.

Let me try to break things down for you and introduce you to my family.



My oldest son, Landon, is married to Crystal, a fairy with lovely white wings. Crystal happens to be the daughter of the Fairy Queen herself, Ella, who is engaged to mine and Tyrone’s nephew, Carson.



Ella and Carson met when Ella returned from a mission to reunite with Crystal and to see her grandsons. Because of some things that happened in his childhood, Carson was very mistrustful of fairies, the exceptions being Crystal and hers and Landon’s sons.



All of that changed when they fell in love and Ella gave Carson wings and immortality.



They will be married in a double ceremony with my daughter, Aurora and her fiance, Silvan, who is a fairy prince. Shortly afterward, Carson will have his coronation to become the Fairy King.

And that brings me to another story.



Even as a child, Aurora had a romantic heart. Her biggest dream was to meet a handsome fairy prince who would fall in love with her. She went on many magical adventures through an old wardrobe that truly made Narnia exist for children. Her fairy prince wasn’t in Narnia, but the children often brought back little gifts for me when they went.



It was when she truly needed him that Aurora met her fairy prince. After being run off the road by a maniac, Silvan rescued her from what would have been certain death. I thank all the deities for that man being there. He saved my daughter’s life, and that’s something I can never, ever forget.



Silvan is a reformed Casanova, something that makes Tyrone feel a little guarded at the present. But, Silvan has eyes only for Aurora and would give his life to save her if need be. Tyrone, being an Alpha Wolf, is overprotective of our daughters. I reckon that’s just the nature of the beast (pun intended); it’s simply part of who he is.



Andrea is married to Elton, her high school sweetheart.



Tyrone and I fell in love during our appearance on a reality television dating show (that’s another story I’ll save for another letter). Our son, Jonas, followed in our footsteps and is married to the love of his life, Sharon, who is a fairy.



Our son, Chris, is married to a lovely lady named Tabitha, who he turned into a wolf at her request.

So, Landon and Jonas are wizards and Aurora is a witch who will undergo the change to become a fairy. Andrea and Chris are wolves and are married to wolves.

As I said, we are in the process of adopting three orphans who lost their parents in a fire. It’s been a rough road for them, but the grief and fear is starting to lessen a bit now.

This is a lot to digest, i’m sure. What’s important is, we are a happy bunch with a lot of love to share. Oh, we’ve been through Hell and back, but we seem to bounce back after a fashion.

You were asking about plant people. Well, in all honesty, I know only one plant person, as they’re quite rare, really. My good friend Gentian and I met during the show I was on that brought Tyrone and me together. Gentian was eliminated but we’ve always remained good friends. From what I know of plant people, and Gentian fits the bill to a tee, they are happy, cheerful, and loving people. Gentian has never had anything bad to say about anyone, he’s always smiling, and he has such a good-natured disposition. From what you said about where you live, it’s a perfect place for plant people. In fact, I imagine there might be a few there. They tend to keep to themselves though and are masters at camouflaging themselves among the foliage. They would likely be considered freaks of nature by some, so plant people are very careful about who they reveal themselves to.

I reckon I do know quite a lot about magic. Strangely enough, I never knew I was a witch until I was thirteen after recovering from my illness. Grandda thought it best to keep that from me due to a misguided sense of protecting me. Once I began learning, I took to it like a duck to water.  After the death of my first husband and Landon (I will share Landon’s story with you in another letter), I learned more very advanced magic from Mathilda, who was both mine and Grandda’s mentor. It gave me a purpose after experiencing such a debilitating loss and helped me to live again. Mathilda is now married to Grandda Liam.

From what you have said, we both have experienced great loss. I’m so, so sorry for the loss of your first parents You were so young to have lost them! I wish I could reach through the computer to give you a big hug. However, I am so happy you were adopted by a loving family. How right you are when you say that parents can never be replaced. I know how cheesy this probably sounds, but I’ll say it anyway. You will always have them in your heart. As long as you think of them from time to time, they will always remain alive to you. Cherish those good memories you have with your first Mom and they will remain close to you.

Your additional parents and siblings sound wonderful, and I’m so happy you all found each other. Family is family no matter how it was formed, and it sounds like your house is filled with much love.

I had to chuckle a little when you mentioned me being someone for you to gawk at. Don’t you worry about that. 🙂 I’m more than happy to share how it is to be a witch and about my life. I reckon I’m a bit used to it being out in the open anyway. Being…well…rather well known in both the writing and musical industries, my life has been dissected time and again. Not much remains hidden when you’re in the public eye.

I do hope you enjoy my books if and when you read them. With the exception of an autobiography, I tend to write romantic fantasy. You might like them, as my books are full of supernatural beings, some time travel, and even some parallel universes. My agent often tells me I’m one of the few authors who writes supernatural material in vivid detail. I reckon that being who and what I am, it’s easy for me to make it come alive.

How wonderful that we share interests in both books and music! I play the piano and flute and will strum a bit on the guitar. Tyrone, however, is the guitar master around here. What kind of music do you like to play on your guitar? Tyrone enjoys rocking it out but when I have a guitar in hand, I gravitate more toward folk songs. I thoroughly enjoy playing Chopin and Beethoven on the piano.



While we are on the subject of music and instruments, I found this curious one during one of my adventures that you might find interesting. While browsing in this strange little music store, something called a laser rhythm-a-con caught my eye. It’s an instrument that literally requires your entire body to play. You pluck the strings with your fingers, but it also has these lighted circles that you activate with your feet. Och, it sounds dreadfully awful when first learning how it works, but it’s much better once you get the hang of it. I’m told it’s the wave of the future. So, I took it home, started fiddling around with it, and I’m pretty good at it now. Plus, it gives me a daily workout with all that stepping. 🙂

Och, never say you are an uninteresting person, my friend. Everyone has a gift, something to share, and a purpose. Your life might seem ordinary now, but you never know what awaits you around the next corner when you least expect it. Enjoy your youth and take your time to discover what it is you are meant to do. Destiny has a way of pointing us in the direction we are meant to go.

Ah, you are very kind, Emily. I like to think of myself as a nice person, but my family will tell you I have my moments. I have the temper of the Irish but it blows over quickly. I’m a firm believer in what goes around comes around, and I treat people the way I’d want to be treated. There is so much hatred and darkness in the world, so I do what I can to add my share of sunlight as often as I can.



So with that, I will leave off here for now. I hope you enjoy reading this letter as much as I enjoyed writing it to you. May your heart always sing with love, and may the sweetest strains of melody and harmony fill your life with joy.

Much love!

Your friend,