Dear Emily,

I found your profile whilst browsing through the Pen Pal Project website. Ye are a beautiful lassie, and ye seem to be someone I’d enjoy writing to. Ye can be sure I’m not some dirty old man looking for kicks. 🙂 I’m happily married with a large family and simply enjoy all kinds of people.

I’m an old Irishman called Liam Kelly. Don’t let my picture be deceiving ye now. I may look young but I have lived many a long year. I see ye are fond of the supernatural and paranormal, so I’m sure ye are a believer in things that don’t seem possible. One of those seemingly impossible things is that I’m an immortal wizard who is married to an immortal witch and true goddess named Mathilda. I’m a grandfather, great grandfather, and great great grandfather, so my life is very rich with a loving family to share it with.



My wee Lenora has been the light of my life and joy of my heart from the first time I saw her. After the tragic death of her parents, it was up to me to bring her up. It was just my Lenora and me as she grew up and we were as close as any grandda and granddaughter ever were.



Even as a wee lassie, Lenora was always smiling and laughing. I had always hoped she’d never outgrow that and my wish came true. Now, as a grown woman and after everything she has gone through, she is the kindest and most loving person I know. I am amazed that she has held onto her happy and loving nature. She’s experienced more sadness and tragedy than anyone ever should, but that quality that makes her Lenora has never died.

Ye must forgive me and I ask your indulgence, Miss Emily. I reckon a proud grandda will always be a proud grandda and I never tire of talking about Lenora and the rest of my family, for that matter.



As I said, I am married to Mathilda. She started out as my mentor when I first began learning magic. She was a great teacher and I grew to respect her. Mathilda was ever so proud that I was hr star pupil.

Sadly, there was a time when i felt I needed to put aside my magic. Ye see, Lenora’s parents were killed because my daughter, Maggie, got mixed up with some rough characters while she was practicing some dark magic. My Maggie believed that even dark magic could be used for good if used correctly. Perhaps that is true, but I’ll just say she crossed the wrong people and they took it out on Maggie and her man. When I brought wee Lenora to live with me, I wanted to protect her from that, so I hid magic from her and hoped I’d never have to reveal that to her.



That all changed when Lenora grew gravely ill from a mysterious disease that turned out to be a curse that Maggie unknowingly passed to her during pregnancy. We were told Lenora was terminal and that I’d have to prepare myself for the worst.



Out of sheer desperation to keep my Lenora with me, I called upon Mathilda. I’d lost touch with her when I’d discarded my magic but she was willing to come and look at Lenora. Had it not been for Mathilda, I would have lost my beloved granddaughter.



As most people do, I went through the process of aging and became a very old man. I contracted pneumonia but being the old relic I was, my body couldn’t repair itself. I passed from this world, leaving Lenora in the care of her first husband. My time had ended, but she was carrying her first child, Landon, who is a fine lad.

Lenora lost her first husband and her boy, both of them having died in a plane crash. The grief of it damn near killed her. Well, it did but she was sent back to take on her life’s purpose. Mathilda cared for her until she was able to get back on her feet.



She is very happily remarried and has four children with her second husband, Tyrone. As for me, I was granted a second chance, thanks to Mathilda and her vast array of magic. We finally admitted to each other how we felt, she granted me immortality, and like Lenora and Tyrone, we are blissfully happy.



Landon, too, was permitted to return to life and is married to a lovely fairy named Crystal. They have four grown boys and have adopted a beautiful lassie called Bliss.

I reckon this is a lot for ye to take in. If ye be wanting to know things about the supernatural, I can certainly answer questions ye be having. I hope my letter hasn’t caused ye to run screaming, but I daresay ye have more backbone than that. 🙂 If ye be choosing to write me back, I’d love to hear about ye and your life.

May the flowers always be fragrant in your presence and may their petals forever be open as they are caressed by your wee fingers.

Many Happy Returns,