I sat at my computer and stared at the application form that loomed before me. I haven’t had a pen pal since we’d been assigned a letter writing project in school. I thoroughly enjoyed it and knew I would now. The thing is, with my background and everything I’ve been through, I’m not the average, everyday sort of pen pal.

Thinking about that, I started to giggle. I was overthinking it, which was completely absurd. Hell, if I could appear on a reality dating showΒ twice, I most certainly could handle this pen pal thing.

Name: Lenora Landgraab

Select your age bracket: 75-100

Desired Age of Pen Pal: Any age

Vocation: Romance/fantasy author, musician, and singer.

What qualities would you like in a pen pal?Β I am not fussy. πŸ™‚ When a person has lived as long as I have, it is understood that there are all kinds of people that make up this world of ours. I simply desire to partake inΒ a meaningful and full correspondence with someone, no matter their walk of life.

Describe yourself in a few sentences or less: I am a mother of five grown children and a grandmother of four grown handsome grandsons as well as three lovely girls that three of my children have adopted. I am a happily married witch (yes, witch) and got to know my husband when we appeared on a reality dating television show. Tyrone is my second hubsand, my first husband having succumbed in a plane crash many, many years ago. I’m Vice President of the Witches’ Council and a guest speaker and panelist for many platforms including writing, chess (I am a champion chess player), music, and witchcraft. I am an empty nester at present and try to keep busy, for it keeps my mind off missing my wee ones always being around.

Hobbies & Interests: Reading, playing chess, knitting, crocheting, and other crafts, working with children, lending a helping hand wherever needed, and most importantly, being with my family and friends.

Would you be interested in meeting your pen pal? Yes, of course, if circumstances allow.

How many pen pals would you like?Β 2-3

Other comments: It saddens me greatly that the art of letter writing is being replaced by “text-speak” and the digital age, in general. It seems that gone are the days when you open your mailbox to find a lovely hand-written note or card from a friend or relative. Everyone nowadays has become all thumbs as they stare for hour upon hour at a piece of glass. I am not condemning the digital age, mind, but I am saddened that it has completely taken over our minds and efforts. I’m excited to have found this site and to know that there are others out there who have similar views.


I clicked the “Submit” button and went upstairs to shower. Tyrone wanted to take me to dinner, so I quickly slipped into the dress he always loved seeing me in. “You were lost in thought when I peeked in on you earlier, my Lenora.”

“Och! I didn’t even hear ye. Silent as a mouse, ye are!” I exclaimed.

“More like stealthy as the wolf I am,” he grinned wickedly at me.

“Touche,” i chuckled.

“What were you working on? More of your book?” he asked, cocking a brow.

I shook my head. “Believe it or not, I was filling in a pen pal profile form.”

“You mean, they still have those?” he asked.

“Reckon so. Strange, isn’t it?” I mused.

“How so?”

“Strange that there are still ones out there who want to write an actual letter to someone,” I replied.

Tyrone nodded. “Strange but nice. You’ll make someone a great pen pal.”

“Ye’re biassed, Wolfman,” I said, giving his nose a playful tap. “Seriously though, being a pen pal of mine isn’t for the faint of heart.”

“Naw, they’ll just faint when they figure out they’re corresponding with the beautiful and famous Lenora Landgraab.” He kissed me softly, then laid his forehead against mine. “Who knows? There might be someone out there who wants to hear all about being an immortal witch.”

“Maybe,” I agreed. “What about letting someone hear from a handsome, immortal werewolf? After all, people need to know that being a werewolf isn’t like how it’s depicted in movies.”

Tyrone furrowed his brow. “You’ve got a good point, love. Maybe I’ll try my hand at this pen pal stuff. Can’t hurt and it ought to be fun.”